Nubby Squirrel Vs The Hawk

Tuesday morning started out as any other morning. We got up , ma gave Jenny Sue her diabetis shot, she gave her breakfast, we went out to potty the Scooby and I jumped on the bench in front of the window and started our block watch.

We have our windows open and we like to watch the birds eating their seed and we have a special squirrel that we refer to as "nubby". This squirrel is a little girl and she is special because she has no tail. 

Nubby squirrel has been hanging out near our house for 2 years now. In a tree somewhere near by she must have nursing babies. The parents leave special treats out for her like peanut butter crackers, peanuts and the occasional french fries. Nubby squirrel will sit under the tree and eat her treats and if ma lets Jenny Sue out, nubby squirrel will run up the little tree and wait. I think she knows that Jenny Sue can't see. When Jenny Sue comes in, nubby squirrel comes down out of the tree. 
Tail less squirrel eating fries

We were watching nubby squirrel eating when all of a sudden this really big shadow flew above the tree. All the birds started flying around like they were terrified and nubby squirrel ran up the little tree. Next thing I knew there was a very large bird flying around my yard. 

Ma yelled "HAWK!!!" and ran to the door. She flung that door open and ran outside. Scooby and I shot out the door before it closed and I seen Nubby squirrel running for her life. She was trying to get to the big tree and just before she got to it , this big bird flew down and was about to scoop her up!! I thought NOT ON MY WATCH, BIRD!!! I jumped in between nubby squirrel and the hawk and that hawk hit my shoulder. Scooby flew past me on the opposite side and started chasing nubby squirrel the other direction. When that hawk hit me it must have been like hitting a wall because that hawk went tumbling backwards. Scooby had chased Nubby squirrel around the tree and Nubby ran up the big tree as fast as she could. I let out a loud WOOF!!!!!! The hawk disappeared as fast as he appeared. Nubby squirrel was sitting up in the tree just breathing heavily. 

Ma started clapping and telling us we did a wonderful job. She was cheering us on like we had just won a race. Talk about excitement! We came in and ma gave us the premium treats. She kept telling us what a great job we did and how we are a awesome team. Scooby and I were all excited. We jumped back on the window seat and I kept a eye on the bottom of the tree and Scooby watched the skies. Ma took some peanut butter crackers and put them in the big tree where Nubby Squirrel could find them. A few minutes later Nubby squirrel came down low enough to get her cracker but she sat there and ate it. Ma was saying how it looked like she was shaking while eating her cracker. 

Ma got her camera out to zoom it on Nubby squirrel to make sure she hadn't got hurt or have any blood on her. She was okay. After she finished her cracker she found the second cracker and she took it to her nest. We took a nap. 

Later on that evening while we were all eating dinner , ma looked out and there was Nubby squirrel sitting under the small tree eating. All was okay in the Nubby squirrel world. Nubby squirrel is about the size of our guinea pigs. If a hawk will come after that little squirrel , it will come after our piggies. Nubby squirrel moves faster than Cinnamon or Cookie. This is one of the reasons I stay outside with them when we have outdoor time. I protect them from large birds. 

Tail less squirrel closeup
They call me the "babysitter". 
Don't worry Nubby squirrel, I will do my best to keep you safe too. 
Tail less squirrel
Thanks for reading my blog.Have a beautiful day! 


  1. Nubby is so cute and she is very lucky to have you and Shadow as her protector. Ma is wonderful to feed her and take care of her.

  2. Oh, Nubby Squirrel is adorable. I am so glad you were able to protect Nubby from the hawk! At least now you know your plans will work so you can protect the piggies while they are out there too!


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