WW- Cinnamon, Lead Singer of Boo Man Group

Guinea Pig in Halloween Shirt

Cinnamon is part of the BOO man group
He thinks the ladies love him.

Happy Wednesdays Wheeks
(Wheeks are the sounds that he makes when he is happy)


  1. BOL! That is too cute, Carma!!! That Cinnamon can wear clothes well.

    1. Ma had cut a lot of his hair off this summer due to him shedding so bad. He is growing it out really fast but these cool mornings (no skeeters) had him a little cold. Ma put a shirt on him and he thought he was big stuff. He didn't want her to take it off when she put him back in his cage.

  2. Replies
    1. He has his own following, thats for sure. BOL!

  3. Cinnamon sure looks cute dressed up as the lead singer of Boo Man Group! I bet the ladies do love him.


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