BW-A Walk Around The Lake

Saturday was a beautiful day. It started out cold but it got up to 75 degrees with the sun shining and the skies were such a pretty blue. We haven't been anywhere to run for a few days so ma decided to take us to the lake and let us stretch our legs. Today is black and white Sunday but I had to keep the lake a colored photo because I think it is beautiful and shows a perfect day. 
We walk around the lake

Scooby and I played and raced while ma was walking behind us. We kept waiting for ma but after walking with her for a little while, we would take off running again. We sniffed and sniffed. The smell of rabbits and birds was strong. This is a little piece of wildlife paradise. 
Carma Poodale waiting for ma

I seen something ahead of us that I have seen before so I stopped. I waited for ma to catch up with us. It was a heron. It was standing there watching us as we watched it. Last time I seen one is when we were at the cabin pet sitting. 
As we got closer to the heron , it flew off. It flew to the pond beyond the treeline. This was a blue heron and it was so pretty flying across the pond. 
Blue Heron flying
The heron was gone so we continued on our walk. We sniffed and sniffed. A rabbit hopped out of the high grass and hopped for its life to get away from us. We didn't chase it but we watched it hop away. I guess other dogs have chased it before. We weren't there to chase rabbits or birds. We were there to get exercise, fresh air and sunshine. 
Carma Poodale and Scooby Doo sniffing as they walked

We took our time going around the pond. We were just enjoying our time out of the house. Scooby kept getting too far ahead and ma kept calling him back. I don't know why he thinks he always has to get so far ahead of us. He knows ma will call him back and tell him to stay closer but he keeps doing it. Ma called him back 3 times. She told him if she had to do it again , she would leash him. He stayed a little closer that time. He didn't want to be leashed. 
Carma Poodale trotting in the field
I stay close to ma. I am a good girl. I trotted along, humming a song in my head but kept a eye on ma. I was feeling pretty good and I sure did enjoy the walk. We got around the lake and left our final messages in the grass and jumped in the car. Homeward bound we went. 

Once we got home, we took the guinea pigs outside so they could enjoy the day too. Cinnamon nibbled grass and popcorned around the yard. Cookie nibbled grass and laid in the sun. Molly Mew played Ninja Cat and zipped and zanged all over. She ran the yard, ran up the tree, ran down the tree and zipped and zagged in and out of the catzebo. I grabbed my ball and played a few rounds of poodle ball then chased Molly Mew a little. 

We all got some sunshine and some exercise. It was a good day. 

How did you spend your Saturday?? 


  1. That sounds like a terrific Saturday. Bentley and Pierre would have chased that rabbit to the ends of the earth. That is why they are never allowed off-leash. They go nuts when one gets in our backyard. Luckily the rabbit can get under the fence but the boys can't! Haha!

    1. We never chase unless ma says we can. I chase squirrels when they are in the backyard. Its fun watching them zig and zag. BOL!

  2. Beautiful! Glad to see Scooby. Hope you guys still have many days to enjoy the outdoors. Golden Woofs

  3. Oh, what a great visit to the lake, Carma! You know I would've been chasing that rabbit all over the place if I was there. I just can't control my rabbit chasing instinct. BOL


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