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Since I do not know much about fish or their care, I decided to ask my ma some questions about fish keeping. Ma was so excited when I seen this campaign was offered and she was over the moon when she heard I got the campaign. This IS a brand she has used for years. 

Carma- State your name and rabies tag ID number

Bunny- My NAME is Bunny and I don't have a rabies tag ID number. 

Carma- Oh, okay. Well, um, how long you been keeping those fishes? 

Bunny- I have been a fish keeper since I was 10 yrs old. I won my first 3 goldfish at a fair. 


Bunny- No, those are not the same fish and how old do you think I am?? 

Carma- you are 336 dog years old. I know how old you are. 

Bunny- I have had many fish over the years but one of those fish in the pond is 13 yrs old. I still have the receipt where I purchased her. 

Carma- Is keeping fish easy? 

Bunny- There are some types of fish that are great starters, some that are easy to care for and then there are some that take a little more information before trying to keep them. There are different types of water types for fish also. There is saltwater, freshwater, brackish just to name the few. 

Carma- okay. That is more info than my brain can take. 

Carma- Another question , Can YOU please write this post because I am a dog and I have a treat that really needs attention. 

Bunny - I would love to. Go eat your treat, I have it from here. 

Thank you for continuing to read my article! When I got my first aquarium, I had no idea what I was doing. I remember that I couldn't wait to go to school so I could go to the library and find all the books I could on how to raise fish. Back then we didn't have the Internet. *gasp* That was what books and encyclopedias were for. I read every book I could find. It helped me understand filters, filter media, different breeds of fish and what the water needed to be its healthiest. 

Fast forward a few years...The world of fish keeping has definitely changed. Now the products do the work for you. Where I lived (out in the boonies in eastern Ky) we didn't have pet stores or aquarium stores. Heck , we didn't even have a big brand store around us. If you wanted fish,you had to set the aquarium up and let the filter cycle for 3 or 4 days before you could even added fish. Now there are products that make the water instantly ready for fish. 

If you are new to aquariums or have always wanted one, I would like to bring your attention to a brand that I have always had great success with. 
 API® has been around for over 50 years. I have used their products for at least 15 years. When they asked for bloggers to talk about their products , I jumped at the chance. I know their products, I use them daily and it gives me the chance to talk about my aquarium and fish. 
100 gallon freshwater aquarium
Before makeover
I have to admit my aquarium was looking boring. Though it may have looked blah, my Cory cats were happy. Seems like every month they were laying eggs and once they did that, I couldn't do anything to the decor. My blood parrot cichlids would be so protective over those eggs that they would attack my hand if I put it in the water. I waited until I didn't see any eggs and I took everything out and vacuumed the gravel. I had a blank canvas to work with. 

I remember when our PetSmart first opened. I couldn't wait to get in there to see all the wonderful things that they had. When I first seen the aquarium section the aisles made me feel like I was in a candy store. It dawned on me that to a new fish owner this could be so overwhelming that they may give up before they even started! 
API Fishcare aisle
With all these products it may feel overwhelming but API makes it easy
 API® makes starting and maintaining a tank easy. They have many products that help with start up of a tank that allows you to easily add fish that day. API® Perfect Start™ is one of the products that are recommended by the aquarium experts at PetSmart. They have products to help your live plants to grow, take care of PH levels, ammonia levels, and foods for all types of fish. I love their website also. You can research all their products for aquariums whether its food, filters, filter media, water conditioners, and more! 
API Complete fish tanks and easy fish
API complete fish tanks and suggestions of 1st time fish
The 1.5 gallon is perfect for a Betta fish or just a couple of small tetra's. The old saying is that for each gallon of aquarium water , your fish should be 1". So 3 one inch fish should have a 3 gallon tank. I don't agree with that and many advanced fish keepers would agree. When you buy your fish, you are buying babies. Some of those tiny fish can grow to large sizes. Angel fish can get huge if they have the aquarium space to grow. Its best to talk to a expert in the aquarium department when choosing your fish. 

PetSmart recommends API products
Did you know PetSmart offers FREE water testing? 
Did you know that PetSmart uses API products in their aquariums? They also offer FREE water testing. The water testing is a great way to fix any problems that you may have with your water. I use the API Tap water conditioner and my fish love the API fish food. My fish tank is practically maintenance free. Once every couple of weeks I rinse my filters and I vacuum my aquarium every 3 months. The more fish you have the more maintenance a aquarium is. I have 5 Cory cats, 1 network catfish, and 2 blood parrot cichlids. My tank is 100 gallons. 
Api tapwater conditioner and API bottom feeder food.
Missing from photo is my tropical fish food. 
After cleaning the tank and buying new decorations for it, I have a tank to be proud of. One of the reasons I love an aquarium is because it is so relaxing. Many doctors offices and hospitals have tanks in their waiting rooms. How you decorate it is up to your imagination. I prefer the natural look. 
If you want to find out where API products are sold near you, search the store locater

With API you can have the tank that you want and your fish will grow healthy and a long time. Fish enjoy watching you as much as you like to watch them. My oldest blood parrot cichlid, Adorkus (A-dork-us), loves to watch us prepare dinner. You can see my tank when you walk in the front door and from the kitchen. 
2 blood parrot cichlids
Adorkus wants to know whats for dinner

Recently I had a question about one of the API products. I didn't find my answer on the website so I checked out their Facebook page. I thought I would give it a shot to send them a message on Facebook but you know with larger companies you may wait a week to get a answer. Not API people! I had my answer within 15 minutes!!! They spoke to me like I was speaking to a friend on the messaging app. That is service you don't get very often. 

You can also follow API on Instagram.  I am on Instagram too! 

Guess you would like to see what my tank looks like now since it had its makeover......
Fish aquarium
Its hard to capture the whole tank because its so large so I had to do a long view
Api makes having a aquarium and healthy fish easy. I love API products enough that I have been using them for many years. I highly recommend them. I also use them in my pond. They have a line of Pond and Saltwater products also.
Since its hard to get photos of all my fish, I hope you enjoy the video. 

One of the things about Adorkus is that when she gets excited she gets lighter. When she is bored she gets a really dark orange color. As you can see in the video, she is really happy with her new surroundings and her water is perfect thanks to API fish care products and food. 

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I just got word that API is having a giveaway for a chance to win a tank of your own! Enter below!! 


  1. LOVE the video of your beautiful aquarium and fish. I also prefer the natural look. When I was teaching I maintained 2 55-gallon tanks, one at home and one at school. At school I also had several 10-gallon tanks. For several years a large American eel lived in the school tank! He was so cool! Like you I lived in a rural area when I started my first aquarium as a kid. We were within driving distance (30 min) of a pet store though. That's where all my allowance money went! A couple of years ago we dismantled the big tank and now I just have a small tank for a few tetras. I miss having a beautiful fish tank like yours. I'm so in awe of the remodeling you did - beautiful!

    1. When Sarah (my daughter) was in the elementary school I loved the aquarium they had set up in the front when you walked in. It was very calming to watch while waiting to pick her up. I have always loved fish and I also have a outdoor pond. I would love to have a saltwater tank but the cost of the fish that I want is out of my price range. Maybe one day
      Thank you so much for stopping by.

  2. What a beautiful, and BIG, aquarium you have! The video was great and also very relaxing! We've been very happy with all of our API products with our new tank. Thanks for sharing the info about the mirror and the Betta fish on our blog! My daughter and I are going to try that today!

    1. I had a 55 gallon when I got married 21 years ago but I also had a couple of 20 gallons for the babies that my fish were having. After I put my pond in the ground, I put all my fish out there. I started raising guppies for the local mom and pop pet store so I had a indoor pond in the house. After I quit raising guppies, I spent so much time out by the pond that my hubby missed me. :) I came home from work one day and the aquarium I have now was waiting for me to fill it up. My hubby wanted me in the house more often. LOL.

  3. Oh wow! I didn't know you already had a tank. It's gorgeous! I have had goldfish, and some tropical fish over the years. I had Cory catfish too and they are so cool. I'd love to have a huge tank like yours one of these days!

    1. I was so excited when they asked for people to talk about API products. I was estatic when I was chosen since I have used the products for so many years. One day I want a salt water tank but right now I don't want to pay $60 for one fish I want :)

  4. I plan to share this post with a friend who wants to start an aquarium - and I thought of gift ideas for fish parents in my life. A trip to PetSmart is in order for us this weekend.

    1. Fish tanks are so calming. Stressful day, sit in front of the tank and watch fish swim. I have had many years of enjoyment out of my tanks. My tank is a little scratched up but it serves its purpose. I have happy healthy fish. Thank you for sharing my article.

  5. I loved the cat tv video! More!!!
    TW had fish when she was knee high to a grasshopper but they didn’t even have liberries or books back then.

    1. I am sure they had books back then. LOL! Yes it is great cat tv. Molly Mew sits on a chair and watches them. They also watch Molly Mew.

    2. I am sure they had books back then. LOL! Yes it is great cat tv. Molly Mew sits on a chair and watches them. They also watch Molly Mew.

  6. Your aquarium is really gorgeous! I should have you come take care of mine - it's in serious need of a good cleaning.

    1. Thank you. I used to take care of other friends aquariums years ago. As you seen , the first photo my aquarium looked bad.

  7. Your tank is lovely. I didn't know they make so many products for aquarium keeping! We rarely go over to the fish section...

  8. Your aquarium is beautiful. It has been years since I have had fish. My daughter also won some goldfish at the fair and we had them for quite some time. How do you vacuum the gravel? I guess that was invented after we had ours!

    1. They have long tubes that have a siphon hose so you can run it through the gravel and siphon the yucky stuff into a bucket. My houseplants LOVE that water.

  9. Your aquarium is beautiful! I have never been successful with fish, but would love to try again. Thanks for the tips and info about API!

  10. Ha ha that aisle you describe as a candy store was my EVEREST. In fact, I had Koly's fish tank for nearly two months before I even put water in it because I was like "I have no idea what I'm doing". Ha ha, if I had known you were fish people, I would have badgered you with 78 squillion questions, lol. Today, my fish are happy and healthy. They're not cool like your cichlids though! Man, I wish I had a big enough tank!

  11. I LOVE API! When I started keeping fish a few years ago I used them and have been pretty successful.

  12. The kit sure makes it easy to start a new hobby, especially when you don't know what you are doing. We think it would be a great holiday gift for any kid! Love Dolly

  13. As an aquarium lover I loved all the pics you shared.I am fish lover who loves to take care of the fishes. I always ensure that my fishes are safe. Previously I maintained an aquarium without a filter and used to change the water every alternative 2 days. But after checking the reviews of the canister filter from Fishbox Pro I got a canister filter and trust me it is truely helping me a lot. The best thing about the canister filter is that it sucks the dirty water and pumps the clean water without wasting the water.

    1. Having filtration is a key component to having healthy fish.


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