Swim Around The Molly-#Caturday Capers

The stories I could tell about Molly Mew and Scooby Doo. They are always in to something. Few times a day and a couple times at night , we get to witness the WWF (Wholly Wild Feline) smackdown.

Can't blame the cat because most of the time Scooby challenges Molly Mew and Molly Mew accepts the challenge. There are times I have to jump in to break it up for unneccasary ruffness. I am the referee.

Last nights challenge was Swim around the Molly

Scooby swims on the carpet in circles around Molly Mew. She just sits there and gives him dirty looks. She will lift one paw then slowly put it down, then she lifts the other and slowly puts it down. When he stops swimming , she smacks his ears with both paws at the same time and slams him to the ground. BOL! They are entertaining. I will give them that. 


  1. MOL ! Wrestling is always fun ! Purrs

  2. Thank you, Carma! I read that (and showed the pics, too) to Pokey (my Bengal cat) and to CC Ryder (my Ginger Tabby) and they both thought it was terrific! CC says, "Go, Miss Molly, Go!!!"


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