Falling For The Hawk

Yesterday I shared the photo of the hawk in the tree but in black and white. Today I am sharing the photo of the hawk in true color. I know that you wonder what is so special about this hawk but really its just a hawk. A hawk that comes to our yard to find food, enjoys sitting in the tree and the same hawk that I had fly into my side as I protected a squirrel.

But getting a photo of this hawk was a whole nother story........
Hawk in a pear tree
Ma was standing at the kitchen sink and as always she was looking out the window. That is when she spotted the hawk. She grabbed her cell phone and ran to the front door. She opened the door, looked out and the hawk remained sitting there. She snapped a couple of photos of it with her cell phone but they wasn't to good. She grabbed her big camera , checked to make sure the memory card was in it and looked out the door again to see if the hawk was still there. It was.

She went to walk outside and I have no idea what happened but one minute she was there and the next she was gone. Dad jumped up and shot out the door. I was right behind him. Ma had fell and was laying in the flower bed.

The flower bed consist of a very large rose bush, a huge rock, a fence to stop the spaniel from falling off the stoop and a barberry bush. She wiped it all out. She broke the rock and took that rose bush down to a stub. When dad went to help her up, she rolled out of the bed so that he could pull the thorns out of her butt. The rose bush took 2 inches of skin off of her.  She refused to allow me to take a photo of her butt so no photos to share. (Sorry) 

Her bruises started coming out and it looked like she was shot with buckshot. She has a bruise that is the size of a half dollar and many quarter size bruises. She has done something to her back and has been down for the last few days. She said she will give it till Monday morning and if it doesn't feel any better she will go have a x-ray. 

On the bright side, dad said she did a great job on the flowerbed. They have been wanting to trim that rose bush back and do a little rearranging of the bed. He tells her of new jobs that she can do because she really works her butt off. BOL! 

She was just glad the only damage that was done to her camera was the door that holds the battery and memory card broke but it stays closed when it is locked in place. Also when she looked up at the tree the hawk was still sitting there. It never took his eyes off of her. Ok , ok, it took its eyes off of her. She said he had to turn its head so she didn't see it laughing at her. 

Hawk talking about posting on hawkbook


  1. OMG thank goodness your ma is (pretty much) okay. She could have hit her head…it doesn't bear thinking of. As for the hawk, amazing he stayed put through all the commotion. Maybe he really does want to post it on his social media :D

    1. She is very lucky. She twisted herself when she knew she was falling because she didn't want to fall face first. The hawk hasn't been seen since.

  2. Oh no, I am glad your mom is OK. This is completely something I would do as well. Your pictures of the hawk are amazing despite your fall.

  3. We don't mean to giggle but you told a good one! Darn hawk! Hope momma is all ok
    Lily & Edward

  4. Glad t hear ma is still in one piece. My first thought was, boy, those thorns must have hurt. The bruises will heal naturally. I'm glad she's planning an x-ray for her back. The hawk probably fell of the branch from laughing so hard.

  5. Gah! I'm glad your mom was ok after that fall! Tell her she needs to be more careful so we're not all worrying about her! I hope her bruises aren't too ouchie!

  6. Such spectacular creatures! Thank you for sharing.


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