Let It Snow, Let It Snow.

Happy Monday! I took the last few days off from writing on here but for those who follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have seen that I have been busy posting photos of the snow. 

Snow makes me happy. Snow makes me feel like a puppy. I love snow! 
Poodle running in the snow
This was our first snow on Wednesday
Thursday I got a bath. Ma said I was looking really beige and I didn't smell to fresh neither. Really she told me I stunk. I have to say I agreed with her and I didn't even fuss about getting a bath. 

I got a new leave in conditioner that really helped with the detangling. After I got brushed out, ma put my hair in curlers to help my floof. My floof was very flat but now it is fabulous. 

Carma Poodale,the poodle in pink curlers
The weatherman said we had a lot more snow coming in over the next couple of days. Ma made sure the kitties that we feed outside had plenty of food and set up a feeding station for the birds. She took some boxes she had been saving and set them up with lots of food inside. This way the seed would stay dry and they wildlife would be protected from the wind. 

Feeding wildlife during the snow.
This worked really well. The birds and squirrels were able to eat while there was a lot of snow on the ground and the seed was contained in the boxes. In the front yard ma put a box out and dad shoveled some of the snow away so the birds could have additional seed. We had finches, cardinals, blue jays and wrens come to eat. Molly Mew said it was the best Bird TV she had ever seen. 
wild birds eating seeds
Blue Jay eating seed in the snow

Scooby didn't like that the snow got so deep. He ran with me for a little while but then decided he would rather sit in the warm truck. 
Scooby the chihuahua in the snow
I have been having a good time and I can't wait to get out in the snow again tomorrow. Ma says that I am driving her loco. I say drive me anywhere that she wants as long as I get to play in the snow! 

I hope you have a wonderful week. 
Did you get any snow? 
If so, how much did you get??? 


  1. Hi Carma!! We got a TON of snow!!! I will be doing a blog post about it soon too. We got about 14" or more. By the time Mommy measured yesterday evening, we'd had a day of sunshine and melting. You and your brother look like you had a blast. Sending hugs and love from me and Mommy Jenny...
    Love, Pixel

    1. I seen where your area really got hit with the snow. Didn't the front stall over your area of the state? I will be looking forward to seeing that post!

  2. Mom is cracking up when she saw those curlers
    Lily & Edward

  3. The curlers are hilarious!! The amount of snow is incredible!! Looks like you are all having fun!

  4. Such happy snaps! Apart from the curls... BOL!

  5. Love the idea for the bird feeders. We don't have snow and I'm not sure if we're going to get any. It seems like when one part of the country is dumped on, the other half gets rain. I'm not complaining. Rain sucks, but I can still get around.

    My day job doesn't have snow days.

  6. WE didn't get any snow! Have fun!

  7. Wow, that blue jay sure is gorgeous! Love those handsome birds. Snow can be fun but the ice balls are the pits when you've played too long in the snow. ღ


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