Sunshine and Warmer Weather Makes Us Happy

  Yesterday our outdoor temps reached 59 degrees. The sun was shining and there were no clouds in the sky. Nothing but blue as far as the eye could see. Ma says that Scooby and I have been driving her nuts. I say we wouldn't drive her nuts if she got out of the house once in awhile.
   She told us that she would take us out as soon as she got the guinea pig cages cleaned. She put the piggies houses outside to protect them from the wind.Cinnamon was first to go out since he gets to roam free. He just stood there and looked around. He was shocked that he was actually able to go outside! Ma put his jacket on him to make sure he didn't get cold.

Guinea pig in a coat outside
Cookie stayed in her house and nibbled the grass. She came out to lay in the sun for a few minutes but Molly ran past her cage chasing the imaginary bird and it scared her. She was just fine with hanging out in her house. 

Cinnamon on the other hand enjoyed the sunshine, enjoyed the grass, enjoyed the fresh air. He walked around, he wheeked, he popcorned (jumping around like popcorn popping) and he nibbled , nibbled , nibbled. After ma rinsed their cage bottoms they had finally dried.

close up of Cinnamons coat

After the cages were brought in , ma filled them up and when she opened the food canister she seen they didn't have any kibble. She fed them their snacks and their hay. Scooby and I bugged her enough to finally start getting ready to go. 

We ran by PetSmart and grabbed some piggie food. Took a few photos for a upcoming blog post and we started heading home. WAIT! HOME? I didn't want to go HOME! Scooby didn't want to go HOME! The light turned red and the car turned right. Huh? Then the car turned left. We sat up in the seat and Scooby started whining with happiness. 

We were headed to the walking track!!! YAY! Before we got out of the car , ma said we had to wear our leashes. I really wanted to run free but I was happy to just walk on a leash. We were out of the house, we were in the fresh air and we were walking. Sissy and Scooby went first and were half way down the track by time ma and I got to the bridge. Ma was walking so slow. It was fast compared to  her normal pace but I wanted to run free. I am a good girl, I know my job is to stay with ma. 

As soon as we got the bridge, ma told me to stop. I thought we were going back to the car because she couldn't walk the trail. I heard a click. She had taken my leash off. This is no big deal since we train on the trail. I walk beside her but this time she told me to go. Told me to go catch up with sissy. 

Carma running over the bridge
Wait up! I get to walk with you all!
 Sissy even jogged with us for a little while. We trotted, we sniffed we ran, we had fun! Ma walked to the curve you see in the photo above. When I looked back at her she was standing their with this big smile on her face. The sunshine must have made her happy. 
dogs running toward camera
Then it dawned on me. Ma was smiling because her kids were smiling as they walked back to her. We made her happy. We were happy.

After a fun filled day , we came home. We were ready. We got our treats and then Scooby started whining to ma. She told him it was too early to eat but he kept whining. She got a blanket and papoosed him then sat down with him in her arms. Less than 10 seconds later he was sound asleep. 
Chihuahua  asleep in a blanket
Ma said that was a definite sign that she ran his batteries down.  Me? I was passed out in the floor. My batteries were drained too! 

I hope you all get the warmer days with the sunshine. Get out and take a walk! 
It does a body good. 

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. So very glad that you were ALL able to enjoy some Winter sunshine... there is never enough for me either. The pictures are adorable and you have AGAIN made me smile. (((HUGS)))

    1. It makes me happy that I am spreading smiles on all these gloomy days.
      I love you and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Those coats are adorable
    Lily & Edward


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