Guinea Pigs Tunnel Of Fun

When it comes time to clean out the guinea pig cages lately, ma usually puts them outside. In the winter, she lets them run around in the backroom. We put out some snacks out and they watch ma while they nibble their foods.

It is important to allow the guinea pigs to get the exercise they need to keep them happy and healthy.  Living in a cage is no life at all. Getting out and socializing is good for guinea pigs. 

We use flexible ductwork as a tunnel for the piggies. They both LOVE running in that tunnel. Today we did something different.....
#Cinnamon and #cookie eating snacks
There are always snacks available. These snacks can be lettuce, carrots, mint or slices of apples. There are different boxes used each time. Some boxes have only one opening, some have 2 openings or some are used for climbing. 

#Cinnamon and #Cookie eating snacks and playing

They love to explore together. Cookie loves to run through the tunnel as fast as she can. Cinnamon takes it much slower. Sometimes they will turn around in the tunnel and come out the same way they went in. 

It drives me NUTS! Never knowing which end they will be coming out keeps me running from one end to another. I swear I hear them giggling at me. :D 

We introduced RoomGate 422016
You know.. like Stargate SG-1, the tv show

GuineaPigs Roomgate transporter.
RoomGate 422016 is a transporter to another dimension.
RoomGate 422016 is a transporter to another dimension. Instead of transporting you to another world or time , you end up in a different room with different snacks. 

The tunnel is 25 foot long and it was stretched all the way out. It started in the backroom by the cages and it went all the way to the front room. There were turns and curves, later there were hills that they had to climb. We elevated the tunnel over a box so they had to climb a little. 

Cookie and Cinnamon ran back and forth in the tunnel like they were racing. They would stop and eat some treats and they would run back to the other room. Talk about getting exercise!! Those little legs got a lot of exercise. 

They explored the backroom, they explored the frontroom. They were all over! They wheeked and whistled, they popcorned and they acted like they were having a ball. 

Ma went out and picked some grass and fresh mint. She put it on the floor in the back and they loved nibbling the grass. Molly Mew joined them for a light snack of grass.  
#Cinnamon, #Cookie and #MollyMew eating grass
Gwad yoo could join us Mowwy mew. 
After ma got their cages cleaned and everything replaced , she waited for them to get tired from play. When Cinnamon gets tired he will walk back to his cage and lay down beside it. Cookie will follow him and lay down with his. 

After another 20 minutes of play, Cinnamon went back to his cage. Ma put the piggies up and turned around to get the snacks that were left to put them in the cages. 
They were both sound asleep. 

We are always looking for new ways to keep the guinea pigs active and alert. When you have guinea pigs, it is very important to allow them out of the cage time. Cinnamon loves to watch tv and cuddle with ma. He will lay there and purr like a kitten. Hopefully the wind isn't as bad as it was yesterday and we can all go outside to play. 

What are your plans today. 


  1. Thank you so much for this! I'm off to send it to my brother-in-law so he can rig something similar for my guinea pig "nieces."

    1. Simple, inexpensive items make excellent guinea pig toys that stimulate their brains. They sure have a great time playing in the tunnels and try to outsmart me, the poodle! BOL!

      The great thing about the tunnels made from flexible tunnels is they can be turned in all directions to add curves or hills. That really helps with muscle building.

      Thank you for stopping by. I hope your brother in law enjoys his piggies as much as we love ours.

  2. What a brilliant idea! Gotta be fun for piggies and pups alike.

    1. It is fun for all. Ma says she is going to price check some tunnels for Scooby and I. No fun if only the piggies get to play in the tunnels.

  3. Whoa! If TW had something like that in our condo—if our condo was bigger of course—she'd break her neck. I can't count the number of times she's tripped over my toy puzzle box. I love my tunnel and I'd try to run through their's too.

    1. The fun part about the tunnel is it isn't down all the time. It comes out for nighttime play. Just think how much fun you would have if TW found a tunnel for you that could be ran throughout the apartment!

      I want ma to buy Scooby and I a tunnel big enough for us. We could run the tunnel from room to room to run through.
      We could do the time warp again! *Cue: Rocky Horror picture show" movie tune. :)

  4. How cool ! That's the best agility training for guineas we've ever seen ! No doubt that Cinnamon and Cookie had a lot of fun ! And no doubt that they fall asleep after all these activities... Purrs


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