Birds, Squirrels and Poodale Tales

I am really slacking on my blog but it is not my fault... Its ma's. 

She has been spending all her time outside getting our yard ready for summer. By time she comes in she is so sore she can barely pick up her arms. Sure the exercise is good for her but it makes a Poodale unable to blog. 

While she has been outside playing in the yard, I have been bird, squirrel and piggie watching. 
red breasted grosbeak
Red breasted grosbeak

The red breasted grosbeak is new to our yard. We have 4 of them that visit. 
2 red breast grosbeaks

We have our regulars of the red finches, blue jays and cardinals but occasionally our woodpeckers will show up. 
blue jay on bird feeder

3 birds on feeder

The squirrels are always fun to watch. They sure are quick little boogers. I stopped chasing them. Don't get me wrong, I will chase them if I have to but normally I don't have to. 
squirrel on pole and molly in grass

squirrel hanging on bird feeder

The guinea pigs loves to spend the day outside. They hang out in the fern garden and nibble the weeds. Cookie likes to climb on the rocks and did in the dirt. Cinnamon likes to eat and play hide and seek.
Guinea pig sleeping in ferns

guinea pig climbin on rocks
 Molly likes to take her naps or run around like a crazy cat. Our favorite to watch is when she arches her back and runs sideway. We refer to that as a sideway crab kitty. It is hilarious but so hard to catch on camera. 
cat sleeping outside

cat sleeping in basket

It has been a active few weeks. Every other night , Ma takes me to the field to run off my energy. I also get to sniff around and see what all kinds of wildlife has been there. 
Poodle sniffing in a field

What have you all been up to? 


  1. Tell her she is going to get fired. Bird TV is so much fun
    Lily & Edward

    1. Bird -Squirrel TV is very fun to watch. :)

  2. You guys sure have some beautiful birdies, Carma❣️

    1. We think so. Hope you have a wonderful day!


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