I Am Home From #BlogPaws, See What I Did #PetBasics

I am back from my wonderful trip to Phoenix for the Blogpaws conference. We had a wonderful flight going from Nashville to Phoenix on SouthWest Airlines. I did apparently get something in my eye either at the airport or on the plane. It scratched my eyeball. My eyes watered so bad while I was in Phoenix.
Blogpaws conference logo

After getting to Phoenix the weather was hot but it seemed hotter in Kentucky. I felt wonderful the first night but then I started pooping water out of my butt. Water turned to blood and it was all downhill from there. I think the time change may have been a problem but I still had a good time!

I was one of the lucky bloggers who was #Sponsored by #Seresto. I love their collars. We recommend them to others.

Poodle with #Seresto collar sign

I got to hang out with some of my blogging friends. I loved seeing Sugar again. You know she turned 15 years old! They had a little party for her but my butt already started that water stuff so I couldn't attend. This made me really really sad. It was wonderful seeing her mom too. She kept ma laughing. That was priceless to me. 

Golden Retriever and standard poodle
 I got to attend a few conversations. Being around the pros you learn a lot. They also give great advice on how to be seen on the web. I only wish there would have been more room on that couch. Ha ha
carma poodale listening to #blogpaws talk
I got to meet with many brands. Some brands I knew and there were new brands that I met. 
Carma Poodale meets the @Wellnesspetfood brand
Wellness Pet Food had a POODLE on a stick! I had to have my photo taken with it. 

Virbactin new products
I found some new products that I was excited to tell my vet about. I got samples and information packets to give him whenever my goodies get here. 

We sent our products home by mail. Right now my swag (products from the conference) are on the road headed home to me. I am patiently waiting for that big brown truck to come to the house. 

Having fun with VitaBone mascot
I had fun with the Vita_bone mascot. Last year the mascot spooked me but this year I knew it wouldn't get me. Steve Dale even gave me a shout out! 

They even had adoptable KITTIES there! I come {--} <- close to bringing home another kitty but it would have cost too much to ship home. Plus ma said that the family wouldn't let us in the door if we brought home another cat. BOL! 

#Blogpaws tried to do zero waste.

I think it is wonderful that Blogpaws strives to be a ZERO WASTE conference. If you have ever been to any type of conference, you know there are a lot of paper and garbage. Blogpaws made sure to have recycle bins around every corner. We would save out garbage and take it down with us in the morning to put in the bins. We wanted to have a zero waste hotel room.
Robin and Carma together
I even got to see my friend Robin from Playful Kitty! By then I was really feeling bad. After that photo ma took me back to the room. We rested the remainder of the night. Ma was already texting my vet. He had medication ready for me when I got home. 

There is so much more I want to share and many more photos. I am really tuckered out right now. I can't wait to share video of the hotel and share some photos from our travels. 

I have a few more blog posts that I want to write but tonight I need to rest. That time change through me for a loop. When it was 5 o'clock there it was 8 o'clock in our time zone. I kept powering through. 

I can not thank Seresto enough for sponsoring me. This conference lit a spark in me that I really really needed. 

For those who were wondering about how us dogs behaved..... This conference was the most non barking conference I have ever been too!!! The speakers were able to be heard, there was no fights that I seen and everyone commented how well all the dogs, cats, ferrets and rat got along.

Blogpaws is truly a pet conference. There were pets of all kinds there.


  1. I hope you feel better soon, Carma! I'm looking forward to your posts. :)

  2. Carma thank you for this pupdate!!! I KNEW you would have a great time, but I am so sorry that you were ill there. Hopefully, now you are feeling more like yourself. Just wish I could have seen you again! DakotasDen

  3. Great post.....hope you are feeling better soon

  4. Oh Carma - so sorry u spent much of the time at the conference not feelin'all that great - that must'haf really sucked. Glad u wuz able tue make it thru it ok an'hope u git tue feelin'better really fast. Can't wait tue c more pikchurez an'read'bout all your fun timez. Wish me an'mom cooda gone an'c u an'your mom.
    Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

  5. It looks like you had great time ! We're sorry you got a little bit sick, but we're glad you feel better now ! Purrs

  6. Whoa! Get well soon Carma! We all need you!


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