How My Vet Helped My Back and Gave Me My Life Back

x ray of a 10 year old poodle.
This is a x ray of my spine. As you can see, there is a joint that is closing up and it was causing me pain. It also was putting me into a early retirement of being a medical alert service dog.

Ma and the vet had a long talk about options to bring me relief from the pain. They tried the conventional stuff like glucosamine chews, I wouldn't eat them. They tried powders in the food, I refused to eat it. They tried different type of chews, powders, pills...did I mention I was a picky poodle?? I would rather go hungry than have to eat of that stuff in my food...
There were many nights we went to sleep with the sounds of my tummy growling. 

 I have a confession.... I have been semi-retired service dog for months. I have only been working at home and that was only if I felt like it.

Trying to get in the car and walking had became too painful for me. Ma was having to pick me up to put me in the car and picking me up to take me out. This wasn't doing ma any good. She has a bad back and has MS so it was getting impossible for her to pick up a 50 pound poodle.

My vet told ma that he wanted to start another treatment and he had faith it would help. He wanted to give me injections in my back. Ma gets monthly injections in her back and was afraid that it would hurt me too bad for only a little relief. Dr. Mercer told her that wasn't the type of injections he would do.

Injectable polysulfated glycosaminoglycan
We would start injections of Adequan®.
What is Adequan? Adequan is a polysulfated glycosaminoglycan is a cartilage substance. It is made from the same ingredients as the cartilage itself. Adequan is FDA approved. 

How does Adequan work? It enters the bloodstream and the substance deposits into the joints. This substance replaces the cartilage and helps thicken the fluid around the joint. It separates the bone surfaces so they aren’t rubbing against each other as much and also “lubricates” the joint. This allows greater mobility of the joint, reduces the pain, and slows the progression of the arthritis. It does NOT cure arthritis. It helps to slow down the progress and bring relief from pain. 

How is Adequan given? The medicine is given in the form of a shot. I get one shot every 4 days and will have a total of 8 shots in all. This is the common way to administer this medication. 

Has it helped? YES!!!! After the 3rd shot we noticed a difference but I got the 4th shot and it was mind blowing how great I was feeling. If it wasn't for these shots, I would have not been able to make it to Blogpaws conference in Phoenix.

I have had my 6th shot and I am back to working. I started to BEG to work again in public. I am running in the fields, hunting moles and wabbits and playing ball in the backyard again. Ma says I am acting like I did a couple years ago. 

I am able to jump in the car by myself, I even jumped in ma's bed the other night. I haven't been able to do that in 3 years!! 

I am happy that the doctor recommended this treatment because it has brought me great relief and allows me to the things that I love to do. 

During my research and reading reviews, this medication is great for cats also. It is hard getting old but to get old with pain is no fun. 

Adequan and my vet have gave me life back. For that I am grateful. 


  1. Wow, that is PAWsome! I'm going to have to ask our vet about this for Shasta! Thanks for the info and we added glad Carman is feeling so much better!

    1. I hope that your vet does the injections and that Shasta feels as good as I do afterwards. I know after the 3rd shot, everyone could see a difference in me!

  2. Love a happy ending story! Glad this new treatment has helped you so dramatically. Being the owner of a standard poodle myself, what IS it about you guys being so picky, er should I say...just being so discerning?! 😉

    1. We have exquisite taste. ;) I love liver or should I say "pate" but don't put no stinky medicine in my food. BOL!

  3. I'm glad you found something to help. I want to thank you for this review, I've been on the fence about trying this for Sampson, but I think you may have convinced me.


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