Meet Sherman, The Bunny Behind The Ear

Yesterday I shared a photo of a mystery ear. All my readers are really smart and guessed it was a rabbit ear right away. I can't fool you all.
So let me introduce the rest of the rabbit that belongs to that ear, drum roll please......

Say Welcome to SHERMAN! 

Sherman the rabbit. Brown rabbit with white around eyes
Sherman was dropped off at the store that he was sold in. All we know is he is around a year old. The store couldn't resale him for the reason we don't know. Sometimes older pets don't get any interest from people looking to add a pet to their lives. 

They didn't know what to do with Sherman so they contacted a person who knew ma. Apparently, she came highly recommended. BOL! Sherman needed a place to go and needed it quickly. 

The person brought Sherman to ma on Saturday. Funny how she doesn't even need to leave the house to rescue pets. Sherman doesn't know what to think of our house yet. 

Ma did put him in a much larger cage and gave him Cinnamon's old house for a place to feel secure. Poor Sherman was in a cage that didn't have a house. We think all pets should have a place to get away and relax. 

Brown rabbit with white rings around eyes being
Right now Sherman is getting used to use. Scooby and I hasn't even paid attention to him yet but Molly Mew and Davy have sniffed him and sat by his cage. After ma told Molly Mew "no chasing", Molly Mew lost interest. Davy on the other hand likes to keep him company. He likes to sleep on the blanket that lays on top of his cage and he has shared a snack of timothy hay with him. 

Davy also has had to touch him. It was a closed paw touch. Davy has to touch everything! We haven't had social time yet. Sherman has to get used to us first. He doesn't know what ma or the kid are doing when they point their phones at him. 

Ma said she doesn't know if we will keep Sherman yet. On one hand, she doesn't feel ready to have another small animal like a rabbit or guinea pig considering we just lost Cookie and Cinnamon unexpectedly. On the other hand she hasn't had a rabbit in a very long time and has much studying to do on rabbit care. 

She also doesn't like the name Sherman. Dad said it should be Woody since he has the most beautiful woodgrain look to his fur. Oh and let me tell you, he is the softest rabbit I have ever seen. Ma says he feels like velvet. Eli says he is softer than beagle ears and you all know beagle ears are soooo soft! 

I guess we will have to wait and see if Sherman stays or not. While he is here he will be treated like he is ours. He will get food, clean water, treats, socialized and a lot of petting. Wonder if he likes to wear hats and jackets?? 

We will try to take some better photos of him a little later. He has only been here for a full day and we don't want to overwhelm him. I did already hear him THUMP after ma had put him back in his cage and walked away. We don't know if that was a thump for leave me alone or I wanted to be petted some more. I need to touch upon my rabbit language. All I know is I am not allowed to chase him. 

Do you have any rabbit advice to give us? 
What would you name him?? 

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  1. we've never had a bunny but we are glad he is safe with you no matter what...

  2. You are precious. And in a good place now
    Lily & Edward

  3. Woody sounds a great name for him,Mummy said he is a very Handsome Rex rabbit and all rex rabbits have the soft velvet fur.The Thump was because he wasn't ready to go back in his cage.Mummy said to contact her if you need and advice on bunnies,either by email or on FB on her page or mine,xx Speedy

    1. I thought about reaching out to you Speedy. I know you of all bunnies would know how to take care of a rabbit. I will pass the word to ma. Thank you for offering your expert advice!!

  4. Replies
    1. He seems to really like kitties. He says it is nice to meet you all.

  5. That 'bun' is beyond adorable! Pleasure to make your acquaintance, "Sherman." You couldn't have landed at a better home. Hope it all works out for effurry-one. ღ

    1. You know ma has always been the worst foster mom ever. Once she gets them to temporarily take care of them, they never leave. BOL! She has been a foster failure the last 3 times. That isn't a bad thing either.

  6. I think he is exquisite and I so hope you keep him!! His face looks like the way they draw bunnies in the Disney movies. He is just perfect. He is so handsome AND beautiful! I don't mind the name Sherman, but I also like Woody, what about Mocha? Or Coco? catchatwithcarenandcody

    1. ooh we never thought about Mocha. That is a cool name. He is a handsome boy and he got out of his cage today to socialize with us. It went really well too. I can see evenings of play in our future. He acts like he has been around kitties and dogs his whole life so far. He is really nice and he is fun to watch.

  7. Sherman looks such a cute bunny!!!!! I really hope you will decide to keep him!! Looks like you already start having fun together:)


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