Slowly Back To Work and Sharing Smiles #ServiceDogSunday

White standard poodle, Carma Poodale, in purple medical alert service dog vest
Carma Poodale, Medical alert service dog
Ma had a doctor appointment on Friday and I wanted to go with her. I knew she was extremely tired and wasn't feeling well. When we got there, it seemed like it took forever to be called back. I kept hearing the nurses saying how pretty I was and how they wish they could pet me but they knew they couldn't.
We were in there for awhile so they would stop by and ask if we needed anything or if I needed water. Ma told them no that I was just fine. After the appointment, we went upstairs to her other doctor.

The nurse up there was always telling ma to give me a hug for her and tell me she hoped I would feel better soon. Ma went to the front desk and asked them to call the nurse. She said to tell the nurse that Bunny and her girl was there.

5 minutes later the door opened and there was the nurse. She requested that we come in the doors just like it was an appointment. The nurse asked ma if it was okay. Ma said yes considering we were there just to see her. She threw her arms around my neck and gave me a gentle hug. She told me how it was so good to see me working again. She scratched my back and my chin and told me how worried she was about me when ma told her I wasn't feeling well.

Normally petting me is not permitted no matter what. When I am working, I AM working and not there for other people. I am a service dog for ma and only ma. But after what I just went through for the last 2 months with the bacterial infections and ma felt like she was losing me.

When she would go to her appointments or to our usual stores without me, people started to asking about me. They were used to seeing me with her. They knew ma wouldn't go nowhere without me due to it being a risk of her having an episode and not getting the advance warning I give her.

She makes store owners nervous due to the fact she can pass out and injure herself or take out a whole row of tv's stumbling. Ba ha ha, just kidding about the tvs.
As we left the doctor's office, I walked away feeling loved. They knew I had a job and know not to interfere but they truly cared about me. Ma took me to my favorite consignment shop to drop off some of my dresses I wouldn't wear anymore. The owner was so happy to see me. I was so happy to see her. We sat on the floor together and she petted and petted me. Ma couldn't get any further than 2 foot away from me. I WAS working but I was also spending quality time with people who really matters to me.

She sat there and started to pet my belly. I was so relaxed. It felt good. I kept one eye on ma. Anytime ma tried to wander off I would lift my head and stare her down. She would come back to me and I would lay my head down again.

Ma didn't take any photos that day. I would have loved to shared them with you but it wasn't about a blog post, it wasn't about social media... It was about being with the people who loved me and the people I love, who know I have a very important job.

I keep hearing ma ask "how do I tell a poodle she needs to retire?" "How can I make her understand?"

I don't go everywhere with ma these days but she has someone else go with her. Either dad, sissy or Scooby will go.

No, Scooby is not a service animal but I have taught him enough for him to get ma's attention if she is doing something weird. He only goes to pet-friendly stores. He is her PetSmart shopping buddy.

I am not up to long trips and sometimes the tile can get slippery. I wear my socks but I still can fall easily.

I am working on getting better but that includes short trips or less strenuous trips. I may never be 100% but I am 11 years old. Ma says I can choose when I want to work and when I want to stay home. I think I can work with that.

I didn't know how much I was missed and loved but it sure made my day brighter knowing I made a few people smile when they saw me.

I still need to go see my friends at a local store. Ma says they constantly ask about me and send her home with a message to give me a hug and tell me they miss me. I would like to see them in person too. It will have to be a short trip but I hope to make them smile too.

It sure is nice to know that I am loved. It makes my heart soar to know that I have educated people about service dogs and the rights of a disabled handler. They all know not to pay attention to me when I am working but under these circumstances, ma said we could bend the rules.

Believe me, I was shocked she would bend the rules right now but it also made me happy.

I care about the people in my life. Whether you are local or live far away. You are all a part of my life and my life is better because of you.

I know I gave everyone quite a scare and I am not out of the woods yet. Will I continue working? I don't know. We will take one day at a time.

I know I have been absent for far too long. For those who follow me on Facebook, thank you for sticking with me. I do appreciate all the prayers and well wishes.

I am a Poodale with a purpose. I was put on this earth for a reason. I am not done living yet.

Do your dogs have people they love to see at stores?


  1. Awwww this brought a little tear to mummy's eye,just know we love you too Brown Eyed Girl,xx Speedy

    1. Thank you. I know it sure makes ma happy to see me up and going and it makes me happy to be able to do my job once again. Sure does wear a girl out to work after a long absence.

  2. Carma, we're so happy to see you back on your blog ! You and your mom went through serious storms, we're glad things are going better. Purrs

    1. Yes we did. Ma thought I was dying. A lot of close friends thought the same. High paw to continuing to heal.

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  4. We send our best healing pup thoughts and good wishes. Hope you continue to make more progress and feel better. While you're keeping your eyes on your mum, we're sending digital belly rubs to you.


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