Tuna Catsicles for Cats,Tasty Tuesday

I am joining this blog hop (numerous blogs get together to blog about the same topic) in honor of my friend, SUGAR. Sugar the Golden Retriever was a rockstar to us in the blog world. SUGAR and Kol's Notes (another rockstar) hosted a Tasty Tuesday blog hop for years. We shared homemade recipes for pets that their owners could easily make. It was a grand thing.
Sugar, Rosalyn, Bunny, Carma Poodale, Rebecca and Garth- Purple People

We all loved the color purple. We all showed up at a BarkWorld conference wearing purple. We had to get our photos together because everyone had on purple shoes or scarves but ma was in a full purple outfit. She is the one with all the teeth showing. BOL!

SUGAR adored bananas. She ate one every day and many of her recipes included fruits, especially bananas. Unfortunately none of us like bananas except ma but I wanted to participate in honor of SUGAR. She was so nice to me and I always enjoyed hanging out with her at the conferences we attended together.

My big poodle brain had to think about what I could help make to be able to join this blog hop. I know many of my fellow writers will have some wonderful recipes for dogs and I hope you check them out. I normally do chickyum treats but I didn't have any chickyum defrosted and I ate all my dinner. NO leftover chickyum for recipes.

 I finally decided that I would make kitty treats. 

Easy, peasy
 Tuna Catsicles

Cat shaped tuna catsicles on white paper

These are frozen treats that your kitties may love and your dogs may like them too. They are the easiest things to make; even a poodle can make them ;)

2-4 Tuna packages
*Canned tuna may work also*
water (enough to make tuna slightly watery)

First, you need a silicone tray to put them in. Any cute pattern can help.
Silicone ice trays in the shape of hearts and cats

We had a heart shaped silicone tray and one with cats. These are ice cube trays but we use them for everything but ice. Since this was the first time we made these treats we made a very small batch and chose the cats for the treats.

2 packages of tuna and a food processor
We normally buy low sodium tuna in packages but the store was out of the low sodium. You can use canned tuna but Molly Mew prefers the packages when she can't have fresh tuna. 

Empty the tuna in a food processor. Add enough water to make tuna slightly watery but not runny. If you don't have a food processor, you can use a spoon to mash the tuna. (We actually found it was easier for small batches to use the spoon)
Glass of water in front of food processor

Add olive or salmon oil to the tray before putting in the batter. Ma used a light coating of the salmon paste that prevents hairballs. Pour batter into the tray. Fill as much as you can without overfilling. 
Tuna in the cat shaped ice cube tray

Put in freezer for about 3 hours or overnight. We waited 4 hours and they were hardened just perfectly. Great thing about silicone is it is easy to pop them out of the tray.

The next test was on the cats. 
Would they like them? 
Orange tabby named DaeDae touching the catsicle treat.

Daedae touched the treat. He pushed it around, he picked it up and set it down.
orange tabby named daedae licking the #catsicle treat
 After he played with his treat for a little bit, he licked it. He licked it some more and a little more. He started chewing his treat and before long, it was gone. He asked for another one but since it was bedtime, he will have to wait. 

So there you have it..Frozen catsicle treats. Our kitties really like them. 

Do you think your cats would like them? 

I hope you will join me as I pray for SUGAR's parents. They need prayers for guidance and acceptance. This was an unexpected death and my heart is breaking for them. I sure am going to miss seeing her at conferences and seeing her online. She had a wonderful long life. I love you SUGAR and always will. 


  1. Oh Carma, how wonderful to make homemade treats in honor of Sugar. Her mom had some of the best treat recipes around. Well done! We surely will miss Sugar too. We loved her so much.

    1. I wish I could find all the photos of Sugar and me together but at the time of the post I couldn't find the CD with them. Thanks for stopping by. I am off to read the other posts for Sugar's memorial blog hop.

  2. My dogs are not all picky when it comes to treats and I know they would eat these catsicles in honor of Sugar! What a beautiful tribute to Rosalyn and Sugar. Thank you for sharing such lovely memories. :-)

    1. Tuna can be a great treat for your pups also. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Great and yummy tribute to Sugar
    Lily & Edward

  4. Bentley and Pierre would love these since tuna is one of their favorites. ♥

    1. I only eat tuna if it is in the cats bowls. BOL!

  5. it's sad about Sugar.....are you half cat Carma...hehehe,xx Speedy

  6. Wow Carma, these treats sounds fantastic!! Dog or cat, everyone would love them. The breath might be a problem though, BOL!
    My heart is broken about Sugar passing. Mommy cried. She was an amazing dog. Love you my friend! Hope to see you again sometime soon. Hug your Ma for me and Mommy Jenny!
    Love, Pixel

  7. Adorably cute molds. Although I'm behind with blog reading, it was sad leaning about sweet Sugar.


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