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The other day, ma told dad that she needed to go to Tractor Supply to get some things. She gets the straw for Peanut Bunny's cage there. We like to go with her because there is so much to look at plus sometimes we can see and hear the baby chicks. 

We got in the truck and headed to Tractor Supply. They welcome all well-behaved pets. I have a friend who even took her miniature pony in there once! 
a poodle, a chihuahua in front of Tractor Supply Store

After we checked out the sales table and the garden center, we made our way to the pet center. Ma had to check out the bird seed and what they had in the small animal aisle. We walked right by the chopped straw that she always gets. She said she had enough to last right now.

You know they have a wide variety of Purina products for horses, chicks and other livestock. Tractor Supply Co. isn't just for farmers or micro farmers. They do have what farmers need but they have so much more! Tractor Supply Co. has a wide selection of toys, food, litter, shampoos, boo boo bands and so much more for your pets. +
Poodle in front of Purina Chicken feed at Tractor Supply Co.
If we buy chicken feed, will chickens come to eat it?
We went down the cat aisle and ma was happy to see they now carried Purina Pro Plan cat food. We needed some for Molly Mew and being they had it here, it saved us a stop at another store.
Tractor Supply cart with Purina Pro Plan Cat food.

I started noticing a LOT of Purina products in the cat aisle. There were more products there than the last time we were there. We found out that this month, Tractor Supply Co. are beginning to carry several varieties of Purina Cat Chow, Fancy Feast, Kit N Kaboodle, Purina ONE and Purina Pro Plan.    
Carma Poodale in front of Purina Tidy Cat litter
Don't forget kitty litter! 
We couldn't wait to see what was in the canine aisle. Ma took us back to the rabbit aisle. Always makes us wait for the good stuff.
Scooby and I started guiding the cart toward the dog aisle. We wanted to see what they had for us.
Carma Poodale and Scooby in front of #Purina display at #TractorSupply
We found an endcap with some Purina products on it. That must mean they have Purina products for us! Visions of Purina Busy Bones danced in my head. I love a Busy Bone at night.

We finally got to the dog aisle and saw all types of Purina products. They had treats likeBeggin Strips, Variety snaps, just to name a few and had a selection of different types of Purina food. Our store was still putting product out on the shelves but they said they will be offering Pro Plan by the end of the month, along with some other types of dog food.

On our way to the cash register, I found my Busy Bones. They were at the end of the other aisle. Ma grabbed a few packages to keep me happy.

We had to stop by and listen to the chicks cheap. They sounded so sweet. Wish we could have one but ma said no.
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Next time you are out and need to buy your pet food, remember that Tractor Supply Co. now carries Purina products.

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Will you be visiting Tractor Supply soon??

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  1. Davinia and Indiana used to love getting Busy Bones! We did see a few as we were on our way out of the store but they didn't have our favorite ones yet otherwise I would have been tempted to pick some up though I am not sure if their old lady teeth could handle them. Maybe we need to go back to Tractor Supply this week and pick up the ones they had because they looked softer.

    1. I found that I can't eat the ones that are appropriate size for me. Those minis take care of my love for a good chew but they are really softer than the large size.

      We will definitely go back in a week or two to see if ours has all the Purina up on the shelves. It was a slight madhouse trying to navigate the pet aisle.

  2. You found lots of good Purina stuff in that store
    Lily & Edward

    1. We sure did. We also found a lot of bargains that ma couldn't have found anywhere else.

  3. OMB how exciting Tractor Supply sounds like a one stop shop for all pet needs.So good to see you out and a bout to Carma,xx Speedy


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