WW- Another Big Announcement

For the last couple of years, we have attended a blog conference called BlogPaws. Blogpaws is a part of the Pet360 media family and is a social media conference. There will be pet bloggers, shelters and rescues there along with brands that most of you most likely buy for your pet. 

BlogPaws is a 3-day educational conference that will help us learn more about the FTC rules, social media rules, everything internet, and commerce.  We will learn better writing skills, taking better photographs and so much more. Too much to list here. It is continuing education for writers, website owners, and bloggers. 

2 Guinea pigs in a toy truck with "Blogpaws or Bust" on windshield.
When it comes to running a website and talking about products or information, you best know the rules or the FTC or Google will come after you. We don't want that happening.

We bought our ticket last year and was all set to go in May. That was until last month when the plans of going to BlogPaws came to a halt.

The trees were all getting their leaf buds. All the trees in the neighborhood had beautiful buds, signaling spring was around the corner. Ma noticed only part of our 45 ft tree had buds so they kept an eye on it. Maybe it was late blooming.
Ma was inspecting around the tree when she saw the crack. The crack that went straight down the base of the tree. That is not where you want a crack to be.

She called the tree company and they came out to inspect the tree. The tree man told her that part of the tree was dead. The bad part was if we had a bad storm and the tree fell, insurance wouldn't pay for the repairs to whatever it destroyed. Ma called the insurance company to verify what he said. They agreed. They cover if a live tree falls over but not a dead one.
45 ft tree had to be cut down

Goodbye BlogPaws money that we saved all year for. 😢
There was no time to find a way to pay for the trip. We had to give up going to BlogPaws. We had to tell our fellow bloggers that we would see them next year. 

Between my sickness, the tree, and a few other glitches its been a rough start to the year. Ma sent out some sponsorship letters, contacted BlogPaws and asked to please be put on the list of last minute sponsors. We crossed out paws. Sometimes companies decide at the last minute to sponsor bloggers but you have to be able to travel at the last minute. My bag is still packed from last year! 

We checked our email yesterday and ma's heart skipped a beat.

A company wants to sponsor my trip to BlogPaws!!!

Hill's Food Shelter Love Logo
Hill's Food Shelter and Love decided to sponsor us!! We get to go to BLOGPAWS!! This will be my 4th conference and it will be held in Myrtle Beach, SC

I've been to BlogPaws before and I'm going again! Join me!
We are still working out all the travel plans but I am so excited to be able to attend. 

With the weather creating havoc in so many places lately, like Raliegh NC and the flooding they have occurred it is always good to have an emergency plan in place. If something happens and you have to vacate your home quickly, would you be prepared? May is National Pet Safety month but with the crazy weather lately, now is the time to prepare. 

This is a post I did for Hill's last year that will help you know what type of emergency kit and how to prepare now in case you have to evacuate. 

May 14th is National Pet Disaster Preparedness Day. Are You #PetPrepared

Thank you, Hill's Food, Shelter, and Love for your generous offer to bring me to BlogPaws. 

Are you prepared for an emergency? 
Do you check your trees to monitor their healthiness? 


  1. That's fantastic!! Wish some buddy would sponsor us to Blog Paws
    Lily & Edward

    1. They may if you send out letters requesting sponsorships to companies that will be there. There are also companies that are unable to attend due to timeframe but would still like to have a blogger there for their company.
      Sometimes, all you have to do is ask...

  2. Hey! This will be my fourth one, too! Can't wait to see you there and hug your Poodale neck!

    1. I can't wait to see you! So happy you will be able to be there also.
      Love you bunches!

  3. YAY, I'm so excited you get to go!

    1. Thank you. I can't tell you how happy I am to be able to go.

  4. This is great news,I wish that one year I could get to go but the cost is just too high from the UK,Have a fabulous time,xx Rachel and Speedy

  5. Glad you will be able to attend. One of these days I hope I can figure out a way to make it.


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