Bunny Meme Saturday....Salad Favourites!

Hi Everyone!This was taken last summer at the beach!Mummy always packs me my salad and a bag of hay and water if I want it.I do love my salad and just as well as the vet is always saying I need to work harder at loosing some weight...rude I think....what do you think?So I'm not allowed to have many pellets.Any way mummy always makes me a varied interesting salad and these are all my favourites:
Curly Kale
Wild Rocket
Parsley but only a little bit
Carrot tops
these are the main items I have and then mum likes to mix it up a bit with some foraging and some extras from the supermarket:
Dandelions leaves and flowers
Sage from the garden
Thyme from the garden
Rosemary from the garden
Mint from the garden
Pea Shoots
Spinach but only a little bit
Baby leaf lettuces but only a little bit
Water Cress
Raspberry leaves
Blackberry leaves
Hazel twigs with the young leaves on them
Hawthorn twigs with the young leaves on them
Rose leaves and petals from the garden
Jasmine leaves from the garden
Honey suckle from the garden
Apple wood twigs and leaves
Wild Marigolds from the garden lawn
plus I am also partial to Californian Poppy leave from the garden and the leaves from the granny bonnets too and what ever I graze on when I am out on my adventures
And as an odd treat I get a tiny piece of banana or apple or carrot.
There are many others that us bunnies can eat but they are to numerous to list so here is a few links for a longer list:

I guess I am quite lucky in that mummy always tries to score me extra snacks!

This is Speedy reporting for Carma Poodale.com


  1. Thank you for sharing safe things for bunnies to eat. I want to try to get Peanut Bunny to try some of these! He is a kaleoholic. Doesn't want anything but Kale and sometimes that isn't good for his bum.

  2. It looks like you're a foodie, Speedy ! Purrs


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