Bunny Meme....Food Hog Bunny!

I don't know about you but snack time is important to a bunny,so when a bunny is snacking its best to let them get on with it.We have to be grazing and snacking on and off constantly through out the day to keep our delicate tummies working.We might stop for a nap for half an hour or even an hour but the first thing we think of when we wake up is our Bellies!And if our salad is late we get to be grumpy bunnies indeed.This is why when we go out mummy always brings a bag of salad and a bag of hay in case there is nothing for me to nibble on.Because Mummy talked to the vet once about our tummies and he said that we need to have our tums full with cellulose to keep the good bacteria in our tums working which is why we have 2 types of poop the hard raisin looking pellet poops and the soft grape bunch looking poops called cecotropes also known as cecals, These soft poops are the poops we bunnies eat so that we can 1 finish digesting the cellulose in our tums to get the last of the nutrients out of it and 2 it helps to keep the good bacteria in our tummies, the cecals contain good bacteria so by eating these poops we are topping up the good bacteria in our tums and keeping it in balance.....hehehe our own natural Probiotic!

This is Speedy reporting for Carma Poodale.com

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  1. How interesting ! We always wondered why bunnies were always snacking ! Purrs


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