Remembrance Sunday

Yesterday was Armistice day and today is Remembrance Sunday so today we bow our heads in reflection, in memory of the Fallen....Not just the men and women who lost their lives for all of us but also for all the fallen Service animals who work along side them......

This is Speedy Reporting For Carma


  1. Mee-you Speedy what a luvley post about Reemembrance Day...wee call it that here inn Canada. Wee fank thee Alliess dailee fur thee freedom wee have as LadyMum'ss Pappaw was a German Jew who spent WW11 inn Auschwitz an went on thee death March to Bergen-Belsen. When hee was libbyrated hee came to Canada onlee to bee put inn Innternment camp inn North Ontario....hee was one of thee last to get out an go to Montreal an then to Hamilton where hee settulled down an gotted thee rest iss history....LadyMum keepss thee memeoreess of GranPaw Henry Heinz alive...Lest Wee Furget...
    Sinseerlee, Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum <3 <3

  2. thank u blogger


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