Bunny Meme Christmas!

white rabbit with brown tail wearing red sweater searching under the CHristmas tree
Hi everyone!Yes, its that time of year when the Christmas trees and decorations come out and yes the Christmas outfits"sigh".And our parents want to take lots of cute photo's of us in these outfits and take us to see Santa Paws....that bit I wouldn't mind except no one does it where I live Piffle!

So Parents when you put your decorations up bare in mind the safety aspect for your pets like making sure cables for your likes are out of harms way Bunnies for one thing like to chew them....its and addiction for us...hehehe.And the baubles on the lower levels of your tree mum says make sure they aren't glass ones that can break when the get knocked off by wagging tails of your pups or get used as play things by your kitties.And the big no no....don't put chocolate decorations on use trees not unless you want a visit to the vets because us pets have decided to devour them and get poorly tummies.Me I'm partial to the hay mum uses in her nativity under the tree but that's okay cause its safe for me to score a piece from.So Mums and dads make sure your trees are pet proof this season for a safe and happy Holiday time!

This is Speedy reporting for Carma Poodale.com

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