Say High 5 to the New Year

This past year has been full of ups and downs with many losses to the Rainbow Bridge from Carma Poodale herself and Peanut Bunny and so many many to name them all.We have had extremes in the weather department from Hurricanes and storms to fires and high temperatures to Freezing Temperatures, snow and Ice.We have all so had fun times and sad times and we have seen new members to our families to make them whole again.Now we have extreme weather again from storms to snow and ice......What ever the weather you are a having and the turbulent year we have had We all wish you a Happy Peaceful New Year!May 2018 bring much Hope and happiness To Each and everyone of you And say High 5 to the New Year ahead!

This is Speedy reporting for Carma


  1. Hi Speedy. Yes the world has been plagued by bad weather and bad people. I hope that everywhere can look forwards to some sunshine and love for 2018. I love your seasonal winter selfie, but bet you were pleased to get back in doors after...
    Toodle pips and New Years purrs to you and yours

  2. Odd weather and sever weather worldwide shakes us all up! We currently have lovely sunshine and summer which is odd when we see Europe and the USA shivering. We hope 2018 is good and peaceful year for everyone.

    The Dash Kitten Crew

  3. 2017 has been a tumultuous year for many. We hope 2018 is better. Wishing all of you a very happy new year!

  4. May efurryone have a gentler kinder MEW Year! Thiss year was purrty, REELLY ruff!!!
    Carma Poodle'ss Mumma mee sendss you LUV an **nose kissess**
    Carma iss lookin down on you with LUV all wayss.
    Speedy yur thee Bun-Man fur helpin out here.
    ***Hi-5'sss*** Siddhartha Henry =^./^=

  5. Wishing you and your family a Happy and healthy 2018! XO

  6. It HAS been a tough year!
    But we are looking up!
    Happy New Year, we wish you
    12 months of HAPPINESS
    52 weeks of FUN
    365 Days of SUCCESS
    8750 hours of GOOD HEALTH
    52600 minutes of GOOD LUCK
    3,153,600 seconds of JOY!

  7. Happy to start with a fresh new slate, otherwise known as 2018. Cheers.


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