Dear Lennox,

    I am very sorry you lost your life due to what breed you looked like. I am sorry that so many people stood up and spoke out for you with no avail. I did not follow your life nor your trial but thousands of people did. Why did I not follow you? Because being a dog that came from a pit bull rescue and still involved with  list of  shelters and rescues,many dogs just like you lose their lives everyday because of their breed but mostly because there were not enough people to save them. This is one of the reasons I try to educate on Spay or Neuter of pets. 
   So many people begged to adopt you. Many people from the USA and other countries all around wrote letters, made phone calls, had petitions signed, all for your life to be spared. While they spent this time begging and pleading for you , 100's maybe 1,000's of pit bulls , American bull dogs, and other bully and bully mixes died of euthanasia in shelters . These same dogs never bit, growled or injured anyone in their lives but they still died. They deserved to live as much as you did.
   There are BLS laws here in the United States. Over 650 cities have enacted breed-specific laws. Even parts of my own state, Kentucky, enforce these laws. I am relieved that my city doesn't but cities like Newport, Morehead, Maysville are just a few but larger cities like  Denver, Miami, and Springfield also do. If you look in shelters all over the United States you will see that 40% of more of the dogs are either full blooded bully breeds or have a mix of a "bully" in them. Bully breeds can include breeds like Rottweilers,Chow Chows, Huskies, German Shepard, Boxers and even Dalmations.This is very sad.     
    Even my own human has been bit by a pit bull before. They did not put that dog down because of the bit. Why? Because my human told the hospital staff that it was a chihuahua that bit her, even though you could clearly see the bite was larger than a chihuahua's body. She told the hospital staff that she did not have to tell them what type of dog had bit her because you could clearly see it was a dog bite and that is all they needed to know.  That dog is in a loving home, probably laying up on a couch sound asleep or playing with young children. Just because you are a bully breed it does not mean you are mean. I know this and I wish so many more humans did too.   
    I wish they would have been allowed you to live , Lennox. It makes me wonder how many people will step up and go to shelters and rescue those like you? The ones that begged to adopt you are probably at home mourning your lose of life but will they go out to shelters and adopt those who are on death row? Probably not. I only hope that you did not die in vain and that those who supported you will step up to help change the world's outlook on Pit bull's and bully breed look-alikes.  Rest in peace Lennox. I can only pray that heaven has to be a better place than the hell you lived in for the last two years. 


Carma Poodale

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