Spay or Neuter your Pets please

A few weeks ago right before closing, our kennel manager Ashley was double checking everything to make sure that it was secure at the Owensboro Humane Society before closing. She noticed a orange and yellow tail sticking out from under the OHS van.  When she went to see what it was a sweet little girl kitty came out and went right up to her. Ashley said the kitty looked fat, almost like she was pregnant. So she called the president and told her about the kitty. We have a fox that lives across the street that comes by every night and just to be safe, Ashley put the kitty in one of our kitty rooms with some older kittens. The next day they checked out this little girl and she was for sure pregnant. So they kept her in the kitten room, fed her and kept a eye on her while hoping the owners would come and reclaim her. They haven't yet but last night my ma got a text message saying "kittens are being born! Come quick!!!" 
Since there were problems with our phone service this message didn't get to us until a hour later. Ma got ready and sissy Sarah, Zen, ma and me drove to the Humane Society to help in any way we could. When we got arrived there were 4 babies. Oh they were so beautiful. Ma and us stayed there with this kitty for a while when all of a sudden ma seen the kitty's belly moving and she started panting. Ma softly talked with the mama kitty and slowly stroked her belly. All  of a sudden, out popped another kitty!!!Ma helped the mama kitty get her baby and pulled it up to her so she could do what mama animals do. About 20 minutes later the mama kitty started panting again so ma proceeded to gently stroke her belly and out popped another kitty!! Ma kept telling the mama kitty what a good job she did and how beautiful her babies were. That mama kitty started purring away. I think she liked that ma said that stuff to her and was rubbing her belly for her. Sissy Sarah ran and got some ice water and ma started dipping her fingers in it and offering it to the mama kitty. She finally started licking ma's fingers and then ma gave her the bowl and the mama kitty drank and drank and drank. After about a hour ma knew it was safe and there would be no more babies. 
Mine and Zen's job was to keep the older kitties entertained and away for the mama kitty's kennel. I think we did a good job because ma never once had to worry about the older kitties getting the way. The babies started nursing and the mama kitty just laid down because her was so tired. 

That is when I got to take a peek. I stood up on the side of the cage and took a quick peek. Oh wow they were so tiny! They looked like my sissy Sarah gerbil. Ma let me sniff one to make sure it was ok. I gave it a heads up and kissed its little head. The mama kitty didn't mind a bit. When ma gave it back to her she cleaned it all up and let it nurse. I left her alone after I got to see the babies because I had to go back to my job I came there to do. Keep other kittens out of the way...
Lil Zen got to see the babies but he didn't get to sniff them. He just got to take a quick peek and I don't think he was prepared for what he saw. To much for lil Zen. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

But as happy as I was to see these babies, I had to stop and think about how this could have been prevented if someone would have took the time to spay this mama kitty before she had babies. Our Humane Society has so many kitties right now and now we have 7 more. The kitties I was playing with were found in a box next to a bridge when the were just a few weeks old. Spaying your females can prevent more pets being born. Neutering your males can stop them for getting unspayed pets pregnant. Our shelters are already over filled with so many pets just waiting for homes of their own and more are being born everyday. This only adds to the problem. It is up to the humans to stop this cycle. If you have a pet and it is not altered, no matter where you live please call your local humane society, shelter, or rescue and see if they have a low cost or no cost clinic. There are some shelters that will assist you with the cost because of grants they may have. Please don't think that only a vet can do it and the cost is too much. 
For all we know this is someone's kitty that ran out the door when it was opened and she did what kitties do. She reproduced. This may be a kitten that never had a home and has grown up on the streets. We don't know her past but we know her future. When those kittens are weaned she will be spayed. This will be her one and only litter. She will be vaccinated totally and we will help find her a home. Someone will love her and take proper care of her. She is so sweet and with one gentle stroke on her head she will purr you a song. I think she is really pretty too. Remember that just because your pets are inside pets that it can't happen to them. Once trip outside for a potty break and when you turn your back a boy dog or cat has jumped your fence and is mating with your female. Both girl and boy pets forget their manners when they are in heat or smell one in heat. Spaying your female pet greatly reduces the risk of breast cancer and completely eliminates the threat of uterine and ovarian cancer. Neutering your male pet prevents testicular cancer and prostate problems, and helps him avoid serious health problems like hernias and perianal tumors.These are just a few reasons to spay or neuter your pets. But the biggest reason is to stop the cycle of unwanted pets. Please visit your local shelter, rescue or humane society if you are wanting to add a pet to your family. In some cases, their life may depend on it. If you would like to know more about the Owensboro Humane Society please visit Owensboro Humane Society or find them on Facebook at

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