I Won a Signed Copy of Josh Dean "Show Dog"

     Last month I entered a contest that Danburg Management Corporation sponsored for a signed copy of "Show Dog" by Josh Dean. One of the things that they asked for was "my favorite dog youtube video".  The first dog that popped in my head was my friend ,Jasmine. I contacted CJ , Jasmines' fur mom and asked if I had permission to enter her. She said "YES". So I sent my entry of Jasmines trick resume link to Danburg Management Corp.: 

 Here is a link to my friend Jasmine. I nominate her for my favorite pet youtube video. She is so pawsome and I hope she wins.
You can read more about Jasmine and her fur mom C.J. here-> http://myfavoritepup.blogspot.com/
They gave me permission to share the link,
Thank you
Carma Poodale Allen 

   After the contest was over I got a reply and it said that I had won the contest! 

Good afternoon & congratulations! Do you have an address where we can send your signed copy of Josh Dean’s Show Dog?

Thank you,

Jessica Robinson

Danburg Management Corporation

   I sent them my mailing address and waited for my mail. I love to get mail. I love winning contest. 
As soon as the package arrived I went to rip it open but I got a firm "NO" from ma. She didn't want me to rip the book. I thought it might be something good to eat but instead it was something to read. I wasn't complaining. Its a book that is very interesting to read. Ma reads some of it to me every night. It's like a bed time story. 

   It is very interesting to listen to. It talks about Jack, a purebred Australian Shepard who is in dog shows.  When I think of Aussie's I think of my friends on Facebook. I have many Aussie friends, I have a friend named Ninja who is the best frisbee player I know, McGrady, he is deaf but knows sign language and helps his former shelter, Jester, is a college dog and so many more. Since I don't know this dog, Jack I decided when ma was reading about him, I would picture one of my Aussie friends instead. It helps to bring the book to life.    

   So far I have discovered that a ton of work goes in to being a show dog or owning a show dog. Since I was  born in Ft. Lauderdale Fl., I have always imagined that I was born to a show dog and because I have some beige spots on my ears I was rejected from the show scene. But if it wasn't for being rejected I wouldn't be where I am today, in a loving home with a purpose. 

   I want to thank Jasmine and CJ for allowing me to enter their video as my favorite, Danburg Management Corp. for picking my entry for the book win, and  Jessica Robinson, Marketing coordinator for Danburg Management, for the sweet note she enclosed to me and Josh Dean for signing the copy of the book for the giveaway. 

   I am looking forward to having ma read  more of the book to me. It gives us special time together and since I will never be a show dog, I will cheer for and support my favorite poodle, Ch Jaset's Satisfaction "London". in all the dog shows. He is  the pawfect standard poodle in my eyes and represents my breed with such beauty and grace. Go #Team LONDON! 
Happy tail wags everypawdy

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  1. YAY!!! I'm so glad you won! :D You are always welcome to use my videos... :) It just makes me smile knowing it's one of your favorite ones. :)


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