Pool Time With Zen

My sissy Sarah and my little brother Zen, sure do enjoy playing in the pool together. Zen is a great swimmer unlike me. I can't swim. I know I am supposed to be a water dog but I prefer showers to baths and if I do go in the pool with ma, I would rather her to hold me then swim by myself. 

Zen is a great swimmer. I refer to him as a "water wah" Since he is a chee-wah-wah.  He is also a great Sunning Wah. He could lay in the sun all day. He usually will have a lighter coat in the summer because of his sunning but this year it's been so hot, the pawrents haven't let him lay outside for long. So what does he do? He finds a sunny spot in the house and lays there.
He is the apple of his mommy's eyes. His mommy is my sissy Sarah. He knows my ma as "Gammy". Dad and Sarah can hold lil Zen and he is happy as can be but you let ma pick him up and he vibrates like he is scared to death. Let supper time come and he becomes "gammy's dinner  date". He is always sitting beside her just waiting for a morsel of what she is eating. 

Here is a short video of the wagtastic  water wah in action. He continues to swim even when taken out of the water. He sure makes me smile with his antics.
Happy Monday to you. I hope his video made you smile.
Have a tail wagging day! 


  1. Zen looks like a swimming natural. Don't feel bad about not enjoying a swim. Our human sister took us swimming a couple of years ago and it was not our favorite activity. We prefer bathes too. :)

    Bella and DiDi

  2. Yes him and my sissy Spaniel Jenny Sue are both natural swimmers. Jenny Sue is blind too! Me, I sink, like a rock. BOL! Thank you for visiting my blog!


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