Wednesday's wags!

Sending smiles to all my friends 
What a great week! Yesterday, I received my confirmation for my BarkWorld trip. This is the trip that I won with the #EukanubaPawsInMotion contest. Round trip plane ride, hotel and admission pass to the conference. 

This morning I seen all these "congratulations for winning" comments and I thought winning what? Then I checked my email and seen that I won the $75 Gift Certificate prize pack from the
If you haven't met Jasmine be sure to click the link and read all her blogs.Her mom and her are the greatest.
 I am part of her shopping posse! 

What a great week I am having. It's not just because of the winnings and confirmations, its about spending time with my friends! Whether it be online, in chat rooms or in person. 
The sun does shine bright on my old Kentucky home where the spaniel, chihuahua and me all play. 

 Wednesday Wags to you!!


  1. You deserve nothing less. :)

  2. Good for you Carma! Enjoy! Woof!
    Bella and DiDi

  3. You is such a lucky puppy. You can be my shopping buddy anytime.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today <3



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