Weekend Babysitter

This weekend sissy Sarah was babysitting 2 of my fur friends. The thought of new energy in the house excited me. What fun we would have. I couldn't wait to run around the back yard, having a game of chase, chasing squirrels together.
Ma and sissy Sarah brought my friends to our home mostly because it was the 4th of July, which I call "Boom Boom day". Those boom booms were LOUD. They scared us all this year. But we made it through it. The next morning we got up and did our potty duty. Then it began, my little fur friend started zooming around the yard. I thought oh cool, I will join in the fun. We ran and ran and ran some more, got drinks of water and ran some more. Now I am 6yrs old and I was going up against a 4 mth old. I did not realize that a 4 mth old would have so much energy. I finally had to lay down and just watched him zoom by.

Since it was hot, ma put a kiddie pool out so we would have extra water. My guest had other plans for it. BOL He had a blast in that pool. He was splashing, rolling, digging and finally just sitting in the pool. It was so fun watching him play. Puppy's have lots of energy.

Then we would play hide and seek. That was so fun but only problem was is he kept hiding in the same place every time. I would act like I couldn't find him each time and I swear I could hear him giggle. He would sit there all proud like "ha ha she can't find me" and when I would walk around the tree, he would jump up as high as he could and take off. He was so fun to play with.

Then at night we would box. Know I know where the name "Boxer" came from. I swear I was hit with a left hook so many times I am surprised I didn't have a black eye. I got some jabs in too. But when I would box him, he would run to ma just a whining like I was being mean to him. Ma said that was the baby in him. He had to learn how to play.

What a good time we had. I tried to teach him how to go out to potty but he would have a accident here and there. He did really good but there was times he would play so much and forget to do his business outside and as soon as he would come in he would pee pee. He was for 3 days and when he left I was sad but I took a very long nap. Puppies are fun to play with but they sure are a lot of work.

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  1. What great fun you had! I am jealos, I don't get alot of other doggies here to play with. Mostly its just me. Glad you had a great time!!


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