What to do if your pet is Lost or you Find a pet

  Today is the day after the fireworks day  and I am sure we will hear many more fireworks tonight but yesterday was a day to celebrate America's Freedom. What a celebration it was. It makes me wonder how many animals were scared out of their wits and how many are lost today because they tried to run away from the sound. 

  If you find a dog and it looks lost, here are some tips:

If the dog appears friendly and comes up to YOU, then check for a ID tag

Be careful! Some dogs can become frightened and may bite 

Be VERY careful if the dog appears injured or very fearful.Don't approach it and call animal control. 

Check for a Rabies Tag ,call the business that is listed on the tag and they can search the number and see who the animal belongs too.

If it doesn't have a ID tag then you can take it to a shelter or vets office and have it scanned. It may have a micro chip. Hopefully it does and you can get in touch with the owner and have them come to get it.

If it doesn't , take a photo of it and post it on your local animal shelter, humane society, animal rescue site most have pages on Facebook.Also call these places and tell them you have found a dog, description is important.  These are the places that most people will call or look on their pages to see if their pet was found or maybe a neighbor or family member will recognize the animal and get in touch with the pets' family. 

Above all always you caution when approaching or being approached by a dog you do not know. Keep the pet away from children and other animals. 

There are times when a dog can appear lost but isn't . Do not assume that every dog running around the neighborhood is lost. They may be exploring and will go back home on their own. 

If your dog becomes lost:
Call your local shelters, humane society and vets office and report it missing, also post a photo on their site and Facebook.

Drive or walk the neighborhood. Do this many different times of the day. Some dogs may seek shade in the hot afternoon but may search for food or water in the early mornings or late afternoons to early evenings. 

Leave your gate open if you have a fenced in yard in case your dog comes home on their own.

Create a flyer with your pet's photo and a number that you can be reached. 

Be careful of people who call and say they have your pet. Have THEM give you a description of your pet and ask where they found it before giving them you home address. 

Post on local lost/found pet page or a shelters page on Facebook.

   I am thankful I only have to hear those Boom Booms in the month of July and occasionally in August. I feel bad for those animals that live in countries that have wars going on and they hear those sounds constantly. I assume they get used to it but for me I prefer not too. 

    If you have any more suggestion, please feel free to share them. 

Happy tail wags 

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