2 More days Till BarkWorld !

Its Tuesday the 23rd and we are almost ready for BarkWorld. We leave out Thursday morning. We have one more day to get everything together and ready to hit the road. 
First things first. My nails have been painted. Ma found my Silver fast dry nail pen. Silver goes with everything so they should look good with any outfit.  

The luggage is packed and our travel outfits are laid out. Trust me this wasn't a easy task! 

Next was getting our cards ready. Ma got hers today and 
she made Sissy Sarah's 

 Now its time to pull out the big guns.... the Sewing Machine! 
We have to finish doing the touch ups and tailoring on my dresses. 

Tomorrow we will double check everything and make sure we got what we need packed and then we rest. 

I want to thank Eukanuba for sponsoring the "EukanubaPawsInMotion" contest to BarkWorld. I have to say, this is the most amazing thing I have ever won in my life. I hope I don't drive them nuts by saying "Thank You" hundreds of times during BarkWorld.  I also hope that Bev is there because I took a shine to her last year and she is the one that gave me the pretty scarf that I am wearing in the photo. 

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