Journey to BarkWorld Part1

Do you see him? Did you find Zen???
Just before we left for the airport we got a call about Zen. He was spotted behind the elementary school up the road from the Humane Society. After we threw our bags in the car we went and searched for him but we didn't find him. We called a few people who jumped in their cars and met us up there to take over the search.
Then off to the airport we went. We stopped and got breakfast but I didn't want to eat. Ma put my bacon in her purse because she thought maybe that I would eat it later. When we got to the parking lot of the airport ma found the perfect parking spot and after she parked the car she realized that she should have dropped us off with the luggage at the door and went and parked the car. When we got out of the car there was a bus behind us that said shuttle. The man got out and asked if we needed a ride. I swear I heard harp music playing and boy did my ma smile real big. We got the stuff in the shuttle and the man took us to the door then he took our luggage in for us. Wow that harp music was loud. This took a load off my ma's mind. 

We checked in for our flight, went through security and waited for our plane to get there. I give 4 paws up for Evansville Ind. airport. They made it so easy for us. We have heard stories about how terrible it was to fly no days but our experience was great. Hope its just as great going back. 
Sissy Sarah and Me at the Airport
Just laying around waiting for the plane

Here is our plane.
At the ticket counter

When we loaded on the plane ma got a little worried about how I would take the ride. I have never been on a plane before. I did great. People thought I had been flying my whole life. I comfortably fit under the seat and with a little help from ma's jacket as a pillow I slept all the way.
Snoozing on the plane
Moving sidewalks are neat. 
cool these stairs move by themselves! 

After we arrived in Atlanta we located our bags and we got on the BarkWorld bus. It was a limo shuttle that picked us up. Boy was it fancy. I have never been on a bus so nice. What a wonderful experience. We played games and we won a prize. It was a collapsible dog bowl that folds up when not in use. Good thing we won that because ma forgot to pack me bowls. 

Then we arrived at the hotel and it is beautiful. It is so big and it even has stairs that move up and down for you. I have never been on anything like that but people thought I had been on them all my life. I like them. You step up and it does all the work for you. They also have those moving rooms that go up and down. Push a button and you go up to your floor, push it again and you are on the floor of your choice. Those are fun to ride
Look Ma a Mall! 
Sponsors of BarkWorld
Now it's off to the sessions and to say hi to my friends! Stay tuned for part 2 !

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