We Are In Atlanta For BarkWorld ! Part 2

Westin-Buckhead in Atlanta Ga. 
We are here at the Westin-Buckhead hotel and it is so beautiful. We put our suitcases down, freshen up and then its time to go mingle

The elevators were mirrored so you could see yourself

. Up the moving room we go only to find out we were on the wrong floor so we used the moving steps. Those are really cool.

I made it to BARKWORLD! 
When we got to the top of the stairs, first pawson I seen was Piggy from Sleeps with Dogs. . She was wagging her tail and I don't think it stopped during the conference. Such a  happy soul. Yes she is a pit bull but she is the most friendly, happy girl you have ever met. Plus she knows how to rock a Tutu. 

Miss Piggy 
Then we went and checked out all the vendors. I met a lot of people, seen a lot of brands and tasted a lot of treats. 

Ma made a phone call and then a smile came across her face. She called a friend that offered to get her what she needed because she couldn't get it on the plane. 

You don't know how much my ma stressed about not having these RC with her. She gets real grouchy when she doesn't have them. 
Alicia and Stitch the Pom brought ma her RC
After a few sessions it was time for the Halloween pawty but first we all went for a potty break. This is where we met up with our friends, made new ones and just hung out together. 

Stitch the Pom and me hanging out 

This is De. I love her. 

Then we met Linus in pawson. My sissy just had to give him a kiss
Sissy Sarah also held me

Then it was time for lunch. The spread was beautiful.They had all sorts of meats and veggie wraps. 

Don't those look delicious! 
Then it was time for the Halloween pawty. We went upstairs and got ready for the fun. We got to walk a red carpet! My fur friends and their pawrents looked marvelous! Oh this was so much fun.

These two are having too much fun. 

Pudgy the Blow fish


The pirates didn't walk the plank but they did walk the red carpet
CJ and Jasmine 

Everyone was dressed up.

We won 2nd place but the 1st place winner really deserved it. It was Cruella Deville! My photo didn't turn out good enough to share. Sorry but she looked marvelous! 

So this was day 1 of BarkWorld. There is so much more to tell but I will have to make it in different parts so I can tell all the great stuff that happened. I just know at the end of the night that some of us didn't make it to our beds before we fell asleep:
Pepper Sleeping 
Then once my head hit that pillow, I was gone to la la land myself

Yes that is a smile. I have had a great day. 


  1. Carma, I saw you, but I didn't meet you! Stink!

    1. aw shucks. Wish we could have met up. Dog gone it.

  2. Awesome - 2nd place! That's great. Congrats!!



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