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Its Sunday so that means that we have 3 days till BarkWorld!! With my little brudder,Zen  missing we have not had do our shopping or I really haven't had time to do my blogging about the countdown. When you are searching for something 10-12 hours a day not to mention following all the post about him, it leaves you exhausted. Then the Owensboro Humane Society , I am the spokesdog, had 3 straight days of spay/neuter clinics which I worked as a door greeter. Happy to say that 101 pets got spayed or neutered within those 3 days!!

But now I am in Barkworld mode while I am still searching for my brudder. It's been rough getting to this point. The company that I won the trip from has been great but the one making the reservations, well that is a different story. First off I think she was paying for me to fly by the way she acted. She kept reminding me how lucky I was that my airfare was paid for since the other contest prizes didn't include pet airfare. They were supposed to send a check for baggage fee and my airfare but I was told by my vet that I should fly for free. I am a medical alert Service Dog. I called the airline and they confirmed it. So I contacted the person in charge of reservations and told her I flew for free but asked if I could get a little help with my human sissy's airfare since her ticket was lower priced than what mine was. I got a no. Sissy is lucky I don't make her fly in the crate with a dog suit on like that commercial I see on the TV. BOL! That's ok because  her a ticket was still purchased so she will be coming. Good thing I do fly for free because we just found out that the check for the luggage fees isn't getting to us in time but it should be in the mail box when I get home. So I know the check  for my airfare wouldn't be here in time.

Then when we asked about getting a free limo ride we were told it wasn't in the prize package and we would have to find our own transfer to the hotel. I thought it was included in the package but I still called the airport and made sure I would have a ride. I looked at the prize package and it was in there so I sent it to the one that made the reservations and she said she would make sure I had a ride. Then when I talked to Denise, the founder of BarkWorld, she made sure I got the limo ride. Why pay a cab fee if the limo ride is Free? Didn't make sense to me. But that is taken care of. I won't be putting my paw out trying to hitch a ride with a scary truck driver. :-)

Now we have everything taken care of and now we can shop for what we need. Boy I just can't wait to go. I will get to see all my friends, the sessions sound exciting and I know I am going to learn so much. Looking forward to the Pet CPR and Doga, not to mention speed dating, tweet how to's and more. I sure hope my brain can keep it all straight and my ma can keep up with me. For those that haven't been to Barkworld you will find that what you learn in the sessions will help you so much on your blogs, writings or businesses. When you learn how to write properly more will follow you.

Me? I know I write to much and too long. I know this is a problem and I hope I can learn how to make it short and sweet but still getting my message across. Some say I write novels. Sorry I have a lot to bark about.
But when I do bark about something I only speak what I feel. When I do a blog about a cause or a product recommendation I only write what I really think.Sometimes this actually goes against me but if you want me to talk about how I feel about something I am not going to fib. I don't want to hear " well you said this was this or that and if I knew it was like this I wouldn't have bought it" kinda stuff.

I am off to do our shopping. I have all my stuff but ma and sissy need some things. Oh by the way, all the clothes you see me wearing at BarkWorld has been purchased from I honestly do LOVE their company. The quality of the clothing is better than anything I can buy locally.

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