What is Wrong With Humans!

I just don't understand humans sometimes. I try but I just can't. Since Zen has been missing we have been frantically searching for him just giving ourselves time to rest and eat and we are back out again. Then I open my Facebook or my email and there are 30 post or more of pets who have been surrender to KILL shelters.

It doesn't matter how much you talk about how over crowded shelters are or how pets are going to be euthanized on this day or that day. Some humans have no heart. There are dogs and cats that have been with the family for 10-13 yrs and one day the person gets up and says " I am tired of you" and off they go to a shelter. Some people are dumb enough to say "oh its a great dog, it will find a home" yeah buddy it will, in HEAVEN! There are thousands of great dogs and cats in shelters that can't find a home, no fault of their own, but humans keep bringing more and more in.

Sure your dog or cat had babies and you don't want to take the time to find homes for them. You should have thought about that before you let your girl get pregnant or let your boy out for a night on the town!! There are low cost to no cost pay and neuter clinics available. You just have to call around. Is that so hard???

Then you look in the paper and see all the Pets For Sale ads. Yeah the world needs more pure blooded pits, more boxers, and more labs. Yep it sure does and that $400-$1000 price is going to make sure they go to a good home. I bet I can find you a whole basket of Pure Breed pits, boxers or lab puppies in no time and their cost will be a whole lot less and they will get their shots and spayed or neutered so that the person who adopts them won't be breeding them again.

I am not against breeders of all types, don't get me wrong. I am against backyard breeders who don't do the proper testing, don't give the parents the vaccines, and think all there is to breeding is two dogs or cats getting it on. Just because everyone loves your dog and thinks he or she is special doesn't mean they should be breeding!

How are we going to get through to people that you don't dump a animal because you get tired of them, can't make time for them, or because you are having a baby?

Do they not understand the 1,000's of volunteers that are putting in their heart,time, blood, sweat and tears to find that great dog or cat a home? Just when you rejoice about a adoption to a loving home you turn around and there are 10 people in line ready to hand you another animal because you have room now.

With all this election stuff going on and all the promises being made why can't not one candidate just mention spay/neuter.We will never be a no kill nation, we will always have shelters choking with animals and piles of animals being thrown away due to euthanization  if us animal lovers don't speak up. Education helps. Maybe people need parenting tips for pets like they do for human babies. But then again there are some people out there that don't need their kids neither.

But I know one thing, Jenny Sue and I may have been adopted  from a shelter and Zen was on his way to the shelter when he was adopted and we are in our fur ever home. My pawrents look at us as kids and they wouldn't give my human sissy Sarah up so they won't give us up neither. I know times can change and things can happen. I pray to the big dog in the sky to keep us safe every night.

Now I am off to search for my little brudder.................

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  1. I agree with you completely. You know what it is going to take to change this around - money and lots of it. The problem has to be approached from all angles at all times. I promise you, Carma, we are doing our best to grow our business so we can donate and help raise as much as possible.

    Keep the faith Carma (and family). You will find Zen and we will solve this problem.

    Still praying,



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