What Has Been Done in our Search For Zen

First all I want to thank everyone who has shared or retweeted the information on Zen. I know that getting the information out there to others that are not followers of mine is very helpful. We have NOT found Zen yet but I have had a lot of questions about what have we done so far to find him. I thought I would take this time to tell you and hopefully if someone has lost one of their fur kids maybe something I have done will help them find their fur kid.

One of my pawsome friends made this flyer and I have added it to the flyers I have shared so that I am not sharing the same information every day. I know even looking through my own Facebook post if someone shares the same photo or information over and over sometimes I pass it up so if we mix it up a little maybe someone will continue to pay attention.

We have put it on the local TV station. Ma does a show called "Around Owensboro" once a month where she takes a Humane Society pet on air and talks about the pet along with what events are coming up but this month they spoke about the importance of collars and micro chips. Even with a micro chip a vet isn't going to have a reason to run a scanner over a pet if someone brings a new pet in for a exam.

We have put ads in our local media. Its in our newspaper, craigslist, and there are flyers on every stop sign in the neighborhood he was last seen in. We have also put flyers on the community mailboxes, newspaper stands, and bus stops. Yesterday we took more flyers and put them in the surrounding neighborhoods on the stop signs and gave a couple flyers to the mail men that deliver in that area. The flyers have also been posted at all the pet shops, vet offices and the shelters have been alerted. Ma calls them everyday to see if anyone has turned him in. She also calls the vet offices to see if he has been brought in with injuries.

We drive the area multiple times a day and have many friends that are doing the same. They report to ma after they do the search. We have contacted a few of the lost pets networks but we are either getting email responses that they don't serve our area or that it is on there but there might be 100 post after ours and no way to bump it to the top. When we are out looking for him either driving or by foot we have squeaky toys, we yell his name and we ask anyone that is either walking or sitting outside if they have seen him. We give them flyers to keep just in case they do see him.

It is shared on Facebook and Twitter. We have posted on any site that deals with pets and local for sale sites. We check them numerous times a day. There are also others that are checking them for us especially when we are out searching for Zen.

The president of our humane society made us 350 flyers to give out. She made 2 flyers on one page so they are not full page but big enough to see them from the area that someone is in. We also have left them at all the restaurants with drive-thrus and all the daycares in the area. Zen loves to ride so we thought if someone used a drive thru one of the workers would see him and call us. They have also been put in all the gas stations.

We also have 8 X 10 flyers in our back car windows. We figure no matter where we were someone walking past the car just might look and see what is on the back window and since we have a photo of him from front , side and from the top view on it we had all angles showed.

Ma takes lots of photos of us and she does it often if not daily. We see so many people sharing photos of lost pets that are either blurry, dark, lots of stuff in the photo etc and we are hoping a clear photo with little clutter helps to get Zen back.
Please if your fur kid doesn't have their collar on right now, get up and put it on! You never know how less than 10 minutes can change your life.

Please keep sharing Zens "Lost Dog" photo that we have posted on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+ in hopes that someone sees it.
The Reward for Zen is up to $250. We had originally had a $100 but a few friends have pledged money to help. We will continue to hang flyers, find new ways to post, drive and walk through neighborhoods and pray that my brudder is safe.
I hope these photos make you smile because I sure know they make me smile. I miss my little brudder and I won't stop looking until he is home with us.
I love you Zen! I will find you!!! 
The big dog in the sky (God) knows we were not through loving you. 

Bucket of wah

Why do you do this to me Gammy?

Neighborhood Watchman

Mr Pianoman

Gangster wah

I got the Wah Bah

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  1. I'm so sorry you haven't found Zen yet but I know you will!



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