Family Heart is Tore Apart

I should be blogging about happy things, like getting ready for BarkWorld. I am normally eating, drinking, dreaming about my upcoming trip at the end of the month but something else has came up and its caused such a sadness in my family that my heart is lost...

My brudder Zen is missing. Friday (Oct. 5) we were at the Humane Society dropping some stuff off and ma went in to check on the kitties. Zen had got his collar caught on a blanket in the car so ma took it off. She never put it back on. We are familiar with the humane society and we all stick like glue to ma when we are there. We usually go into the kitty room with her but were told we couldn't so we laid outside the door of where she was and she kept checking on us. Scooby Doo and I thought Zen just went to potty and would be right back. He never returned. Ma started yelling for him and so did the 2 workers that were there. We checked the humane society all over and then ma jumped in the car and took off driving. We were all looking for him. Ma was in a panic and called daddy. Daddy and sissy Sarah showed up in a few minutes and the search began. We were frantically searching  high and low, they yelled his name constantly. We all went separate ways so they could cover more ground. We searched until it got too dark. We never found him.

The next morning we got up and Ma , Sissy Sarah and me went searching some more. Sissy walked and walked and ma drove and drove. Then we got out and we walked. We walked until she couldn't walk any more and then we drove. We came home and ate then we went back. We took squeaky toys so they could call him and squeak the toys. We knew he would hear us. But he didn't. We searched for 10 hours , we talked to people we seen out, we talked to children on their bikes. We never found him.

The ride home was heartbreaking. Ma and sissy sat quiet and cried on the way home. The nights are getting in the 30's and Zen doesn't have his coat on. The thought is more than ma can stand. The next morning we got up and went back to the neighborhood. We drove around really slow. We stopped to start walking and checking under cars, in peoples back yard and I have sniffed and sniffed. I thought I found his scent but I lost it. Where has my brudder gone? We keep checking the humane society and driving the neighborhood. Ma has posted him on Facebook and I have posted on Twitter. So many people have shared him that I can't find the words to tell them how much I appreciate them. We have filed a Lost Dog report with Petsmart and lots of friends are passing out flyers and walking the neighborhood for us. We have put up flyers on every stop sign, newspaper stand, and community mail box. We have stopped and talked to all the walkers in the neighborhood.We have contacted the shelters and the vet offices. No one has seen him. We never found him.

We are devastated. Tonight when we took our drive it was ma , Scooby and me. We rode around the neighborhood and Scooby and I watched out the window for him. I am sure we would be able to see him and we would alert ma but we seen nothing. Tomorrow hopefully our ad will be in the paper and on our local channel 8. We have looked everywhere. We won't stop looking till we find him. Ma has put a reward on him in hopes that brings him home. When we were driving back home tonight I seen tears pouring down ma's face. She started crying so hard that she had to pull off the side of the road. I tried to kiss the tears away but they were coming faster than I could kiss and she pushed me away and laid her head on the steering wheel and was shaking violently. She scared me. She kept asking God to please give her strength and the guidance she needs to bring her baby home. We sat there for what seemed forever. Scooby and me laid down in the back seat. We knew we just had to let her cry. When she got herself together she started driving some more but the tears never stopped. I really think someone else was driving our car because I don't know how ma did it.

 How do you fix a broken heart? How do you fix a feeling of guilt? I don't know what to do. I am right near ma's side every step she takes. I even go into the bathroom with her because I don't want her to be alone. Why did he run? Ma keeps saying she should have just dropped the stuff off and left instead of talking, she should have left the car door open, she should have taken time to put his collar back on and she should have never turned her back on him. There is a lot of "I should have's: " there are tons of tears, there is a lot of guilt but we won't lose hope because he is out there and we will find him. I just hope it is soon. I hope the $100 reward is enough to make someone want to give him back because its all we got, we will borrow more if we need too. I hope he isn't out in the night air. He isn't microchipped neither. We haven't done that yet. When the vet is there that can do it we don't have Zen. Ma is one that preaches about importance of micro chips and collars and he hasn't got neither.
I want my brudder back and I want our family happy again. I have no happy tail wags right now. My tail and head hangs low because my family heart is broke. We will find him and we won't stop searching until we do. I hope it is soon. Zen, we are coming for you! We love and miss you. We want tears of happiness and not of the tortured sadness that we are experiencing now. The family needs you.I need you, daddy needs you and sissy needs you and above all Ma needs you. We will find you. Tomorrow is another day and we will be out looking for you. I promise. I love you little brudder. I hope you are safe.

Zen is a 4 yr old , brown and white toy chihuahua. He has a yellow eye and a blue eye and a white tipped tail. There are more details that we could give but we want to leave some things out so that if some one has him we would be the only ones that know certain things about him. That way the people know he is ours.
If he only had his collar on maybe this wouldn't have happened.
Ma has never had a child go missing. She is doing the best she can. In our house we are not dogs.
We are children that walk around on 4 legs. 


  1. How awful for you! Please don't let your ma feel guilty. We're hoping and praying that Zen finds his way home soon.

    1. Thank you Prudence. Hopefully we will hear something tomorrow.

  2. We are so sad for you and using our doggy power to send Zen love and wishes for him to be safe and get home fast. We will share everywhere we can.


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