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This is THEA.

She is a Mountain Feist. She is 4 yrs old and came to us from a hoarding situation in March of 2011 . She had pups with her but once they were weaned they each found a loving furever home.
We always have people ask
"What is a Mountain Feist?"

I thought I would tell you more about the breed. Mountain Feists  were created in the southern portion of North America. They are a companion dog and have a very interesting personality. They are curious about everything, and extremely intelligent! Some have been used in squirrel hunting. They are excellent at treeing squirrels but not Thea. She is a lover not a hunter.

 They are lap dogs who thrive for companionship.  

Did I mention they love belly rubs? 

They love to give kisses too

They also likes to wear clothes. 

 When they decide that it is time to sleep, they definitely will do so, curling up on an owner's lap and sleeping soundly. If a lap is not provided they are happy to lay at your feet or in a nice bed. 

 Mountain Feists are visually appealing dogs. They stand about 15 inches high. They have a variety of colors. They have long pointy ears that stand upwards and sideways.They often have short tails.
 Thea did come to us with a ear that is damaged. This is only a visual thing and does not impair her hearing. We think this is why she keeps both ears down because when ever she hears the word "ear" she will hang her head. But we think she is beautiful. We tell her she is beautiful all the time. 

 Recently we were at a Cancer Fundraiser called Bark in the Park. Thea won
3rd place for Cutest pet! She crawled her way to the hearts of many. 

The Mountain Feist are easy to groom. An occasional combing and brushing to remove dead hair is all it needs.

Feist dogs (also spelled in different regions and time periods "fice" or "fyce") were here decades if not centuries before Rat Terriers were brought to America. Feist may not be widely known, but it is not a new dog. 
Written accounts of the dogs go back centuries to a poem by Abraham Lincoln ("The Bear Hunt") and George Washington's diary. A feist dog is also featured in William Faulkner's "Go Down Moses".
Oct is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month


  1. I hope and pray that Thea finds her furever home soon. She is such a sweet dog. The way she interacted with Leah last Saturday was so sweet. She truly just wants to be loved and have a family. She is such a good girl. Thank you Carma for featuring our special friend. Thank you to our friends at OHS for taking such good care of her!

    1. Thank you for reading my blog! I love Thea so much and want to show people what a great girl she is. Happy tail wags!

  2. Thea is gorgeous & looks so sweet. She also looks great in a sweater. Maybe her soon-to-be forever parents can have her do some modeling. :)

    See you tomorrow for the Blog Hop!



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