BarkWorld 2011 memories

Wow can you believe that last year at this time we were all packing our bags and getting ready to travel to BarkWorld? That was my first BarkWorld and I had no idea what was in store for me. I had been to learning seminars before but they were boring. Not Barkworld, it was fun, and informative.

I was awed by all the people. I didn't imagine that all those companies would be there. I didn't realize I would learn so much. I learned how to use Twitter, what QR codes were all about and so much more.

I was a little shy last year but I have been a social butterfly this year and I am looking forward to meeting friends who I have met over the year through social media, seeing others that I met last year, and learning more about social media.

BarkWorld this year I am ready! I have my camera ready, my notepad and pencils lined up and I have been shaking hands, socializing more, practicing my smiley face and I have already been taking notes on who I want to meet, what I want to ask and getting my clothes laid out.

I am getting ready for Barkworld , I can't wait!

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