Last Day of BarkWorld

After some rest , we had planned to go to Doga. Unfortunately, ma's alarm didn't go off. Appawently we weren't the only ones that also did this. 
We went to the Pet CPR Demonstration and Disaster Preparedness session. I did learn a couple things. Then we went outside and viewed the Ford Escape. I will say that was a nice vehicle. I tried to talk them into letting me take it for  a spin around the block but they said dogs can't drive. 

That is when my fur friends came out for a potty break. After everyone did their business, Cosmo Havanese and I sat down to chit chat, then Jasmine joined us. 

Then Linus came out and joined us. We were barking about this big rainy windy storm that was coming up the coast and how we hoped our friends would be ok and how much we were enjoying Barkworld. 

We all wanted to put our paws together for good luck

Cosmo didn't want to do it because he wanted to sit on the table. He cracked us up. He is such a great guy. Battled cancer, going through Chemotherapy but still is happy and almost totally healthy. He inspires all of us. 

When we went back in I caught up with my friend Pudgie. I had her sign my pawagraph book. I met her last year at BarkWorld for the first time. We stay connected through Facebook. 

While heading into a session room we came across these really cool cake pops. Ma scarfed one down and wanted more. They must have been good because she usually doesn't eat cake. 

They also had these really cool strawberries. They looked like they were going to eat you! BOL!

Because we were socializing a little too much we missed one of our sessions. But we went to the next one about how social technologies makes connections. We sat near my friend McGrady. His mom and him help rural shelters. I think that is really pawsome. 

But unfortunately I must have had too many treats because I started upchucking. Ma had to take me outside to get some fresh air. After i started feeling better we went back to our room and I had to sleep off the tummy ache. Ma asked sissy Sarah to go to the other sessions in our place so she could keep a eye on me. She needed to rest too. 

I think Niqqi could have used a nap too. 

That night I was feeling better so we went to the Blog Hop Pawty. That was fun. There was music playing, people were chatting and I had my portrait drawn. 

I got to wear my pink dress and I had my photo taken a lot. I felt like a movie star. One thing about BarkWorld is they make each and every one of us feel like we are so special.

After the pawty we called it a night. We had one more night at BarkWorld. Once again ma's alarm didn't go off so we missed Doga again. But this time we did hit the sessions and I didn't get sick.
We got a chuckle out of my friend Angel. This girl knows how to wear fur the right way! 
Pepperpom and Jasmine stopped and asked me how I was feeling. I told them good. I have some really great friends. 

BarkWorld has successfully ended tonight. I have had a wonderful time. I have learned alot and made new connections. The best thing was seeing my friends and making memories. I love BarkWorld. If you are into social media, blogs, work with companies then BarkWorld is for you. 
Next year its in August. I hope I am able to attend. I miss my friends already. 

All tucked in and ready to take off.

Thank you Delta for making my flight a great one
Thank you Eukanuba for having the contest of the #Eukanubapawsinmotion and for picking me to be the winner. This was the best thing that has ever happened to me besides being adopted. 

The End. 


  1. Great post! So glad you had so much fun! Love the pictures. So sorry you got a tummy ache but glad it didn't take too long for you to feel better!


    1. Thank you. I really really wish you could have been able to attend. I would have loved to meet you in pawson. I got lots of compliments on my shirts, They were so comfortable and fashionable.
      Carma Poodale

  2. This was my first year to BarkWorld and I loved it. I was waiting to get a caricature done of Gretel from a photo but I had a huge I know what a bummer it is too miss stuff because you didn't fell well. Glad you were feeling better later and could go to the parties though.

    1. So sorry to hear about the headache. I know it is a bummer to have to miss out on all the fun everyone was having. I hope to get to see you at the next BarkWorld. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  3. i sure have enjoyed reading your blogs about Barkworld! Maybe another time I can go...I know you had so much fun, and meeting our online friends...Wow, just wow!! Thanks for sharing, its almost like I was there too.

  4. It was great to meet you! I hope we see each other again next year.


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