LOST DOG- 4 weeks today

Today is Friday and it has been exactly 4 weeks since Zen went missing. There has only been 3 sightings. 1 the day he took off, seen by some people who said they seen him running toward a neighborhood, #2 was a lady that said he was in her back yard the next morning but when he seen her he squeezed through her fence and ran down the road. The last sighting was seen on Oct. 25th in a neighborhood a fourth of a mile up the road. During the rest of the days, we  and others have searched non stop. We have had door to door searches, asked people in the neighborhood , put up flyers all over town.

This is tearing my ma and us up. The tears never stop, the worry continues, and the drive to find him gets stronger each passing day. The night temperatures are dropping in the 20's and if he is outside, his body can't handle those temps. We are worried sick.

We won't stop till we find him. Until then please continue to pray for his safe return. All prayers are appreciated.

Have a great weekend and hope to share happy news soon.

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