Happy Birthday Sissy Spaniel-Jenny Sue!

Today is my Sissy Spaniel's 10th Barkday. We love Barkday's in this house. We pawty like big dogs, we get to go out to eat and we get to do a fun day together. Before we start the fun filled day I thought I would share some photos of her growing up.

Jenny Sue was Adopted from the Owensboro Humane Society. She was the last one born. Her litter was the last ones adopted before they moved to current location. 

 She was so tiny. Weighed 1 pound. 6 oz. when adopted. She got her middle name Sue from dad's  mom's name. She was the one that asked for Jenny to have her middle name since none of the grandchildren were named after her. 

She sure loves her grand parents. Here she is with Ma's mom. We always say Jenny Sue is the "Favorite Grandchild" 

By age 2 she had all her spots. She had some coloring but the spots developed as she aged. Just like a dalmatian puppy.  

By age 4 she started to shed excessively and beginning to have small seizures. At age 4 they had to put her on seizure medication. Vet said she had a tumor on her brain. Said if tumor continued to grow the pawents may want to think about making a decisions as to whether quality of life was greater than quantity. She started bumping into things and eyes started clouding up but never acted as she was in pain.  

At age 5 Jenny Sue had to go to the vet's office to stay while blood work and other test were done. The vet called and said she had a seizure and went totally blind. She still didn't act as if she was ever in pain. This is when pawrents seen that she would use her paws as guides like a cane for blind people. This is why they keep her paws shaved so the hair doesn't interfere with the touch senses. She also plays continues to play fetch, swim, go walking without a leash and listens for sounds that pawrents make with their keys. 

Jenny Sue loves to go bye bye , dress up in her clothes, have her photos taken and is and always be a "Daddy's Girl" She is still active in her life. After 2 yrs of taking seizure meds they weaned her off of them because all she did was sleep on them. She has went 3 yrs without a seizure and us and our vet are very happy that besides the blindness, she is healthy. He didn't think she would live over 2 yrs after the tumor was found. She proved him wrong. He now tells patients pawrents the story of how he was proved wrong with her. She has probably saved a lot of lives. Now pawrents see there is hope. Not all stories will be as Jenny Sue outcome. 

Her spots are fading away and she is still a tiny girl. To me and the family she is as beautiful as the day they adopted her. To hear the stories they tell about her is so funny. Like the time she ate a bumble bee and the pawrents thought she had the mumps, or her obsession with drinking what ever someone is drinking whether it is RC or beer, you have to protect it because she will knock it over  to drink it. 

Happy 10th Barkday to my sissy spaniel. I hope we get to share many many more Barkdays together. She is a sassy spaniel who likes to argue with you, has to have the last word. She growls a lot but its not a I am going to bite you growl its her way of talking. She says "mama, eat, yes, and mamaw plus mimics other words. She is full of spunk and love. 

10 yrs old

Are we ready to go to the store to get my barkday present???



  1. Happy Barkday jenny Sue...I think that you have that photo record of her life is special...and I think jenny sue has a great life

    1. Jenny Says Thank you for the Birthday wishes. My ma takes lots of photos of us. She says its the only way to share the memories. There are so many of Jenny Sue over the years it was really hard to pick which ones to use. Thank you for visiting and have a tail wagging day

  2. She looks so pretty! Happy birthday to her.

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    Nubbin wiggles,


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