Happy Birthday Zen-Where ever you are

Today is my brudder Zen's 5th birthday. I was going to do a photo tribute to him too but we decided it would be best not to. Zen is still missing. On Oct. 5th 2012 , we were with ma at the Humane Society. We were helping out by transporting a kitty from the vet's office to the Humane Society to save the staff time. While ma put the kitty back where it belonged, Scooby, Zen and I all laid outside the door where she was. Ma told us all to go potty before we left and she watched us. We went 5 ft away from the door and we did our business. We all came back to the door and laid down. The staff was keeping a eye on us and so was she. She took a phone call and one of the staff members looked out and said we were all being good and just laying there. 

We know not to leave that door. Ma hung up from her call and walked out and said come on lets go. Only problem was Zen wasn't there. He was gone. Ma thought he went to the car so we went to the car. He wasn't there. She started calling his name and told me and Scooby to "Find Zen". We ran all over the humane society and we couldn't find him. Ma and the staff started searching and calling him and he didn't come back. Ma called daddy and told him he needed to come NOW. Dad arrived in no time. All of us were frantically searching for him. Ma jumped in the car and drove through the neighborhood and no one had seen him. We searched well past dark and then we came home only to get up at the crack of dawn to go search some more. Flyers were handed out, hung on all stop signs, everyone that was out in their yards were talked too. Nothing. No sightings. 

Since Oct. we have posted on social media, craigslist, more flyers have been put up, radio and TV stations have ran the lost dogs ad and so has our newspaper. Nothing. There have been some sightings in Oct but none of them were the right dog. We are still searching for him everyday. We are still getting the word out to local and social media, we won't stop till we find him. 

But today is especially hard on all of us. Today is Zen's birthday and he won't get to celebrate it. If someone has him, they don't know its his birthday and he can't tell them. We miss him so bad. He has been part of our life for 4 yrs now and we weren't through loving him. 

We wish you were here to hold you 

We wish you were here to eat your birthday dinner

We wish you were here to go shopping

We wish you were here to relax with
This is a hard post to write. We want him back. He is part of our family. He is my little brudder. `
Where ever you are I hope you are safe and I want you know that we won't stop searching for you! We love you Zen

If you have seen him please call 270-313-2337 or 270-302-4176 There is a $500 reward for his safe return. He is a neutered male, toy chihuahua. 


  1. Awww what a sweet baby. I will share this with all my social media in the morning. I hope that he is found and is safe somewhere today on his birthday. You are in my thoughts Carma.

    1. Thank you. He is out there somewhere we just have to help him find his way back home.
      Thank you for taking time to read my story and sharing it.

  2. We are so sad that Zen is still missing and that he won't be with you all for his birthday. We will tweet this post all day...Prayers that he returns to you safely

    1. Thank you. We are trying our best to find him.

  3. Oh Carma, my mom person's eyes are leaking. We pray that Santa Paws brings Zen back in time for Christmas.

    Sending hugs,
    Oskar & Pam

    1. Thank you for your prayers Oskar and Pam. Its a very hard day.

  4. Oh please who ever took Zen, give him back to his family that loves him. Just bring him back to the humane society. Keep positive and I am praying for the best.


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