B/W Running the Derby

Today was the Kentucky Derby. All day long it rained and rained. Rain makes MUD! When I heard it was going to be a muddy race my ears perked up when someone said "We hope we have some mud runners!" 

Well let me tell you, I am a professional mud runner. I love to run in mud.
I just knew they would let me run with those horses but my dreams were smashed when I was told they would not let a poodle run against the horses. Something about the horses would get spooked , but I think it was because the horses were afraid I would beat them!

So I went on a mission. To find a horse that would race me............

I got beside this horse but I had no room to run plus he was smaller than me so that wouldn't be fair to run ponies. I think I can run faster than them. 

When I got beside him but this horse just went round in circles. I couldn't race him because he kept going in the wrong direction.   

Found this big horse but he wouldn't move. He just stood there. I was out in front of him so I think I won, right? I can say that ma was very happy I did not get to run in the muddy derby. I just had a bath yesterday. 

A poodle can dream of running a muddy Kentucky Derby , can't she? 

Condogulations to Orb, the 139th Kentucky Derby winner! 

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  1. It's hard to find a decent racing partner - especially in the mud!

    1. I know. Couldn't get anyone to run with me. Maybe next year!

  2. Hee-hee, I hope you found someone to race you.

  3. Yes, I think you won in the last case. I didn't realize the Kentucky Derby is 139 years old. No wonder it is such an institution!

  4. We hope you finally found a racing partner or at least got the chance to run!


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