Its "Be Kind To Animals"Week!

Since 1915, the American Humane Association has devoted a week to bring awareness to the treatment of all animals. This year its May 5-11.  There are many ways you can pawticipate to show that you care about animals. I believe that you should teach children how to be kind to animals. If you have children of your own, here are a few things you can do with them. 

Shiloh loved children

Teach: Children often learn by example. When we are out and a child wants to pet me but starts smacking me instead, ma will take their hand and show them how to stroke the hair. The child usually smiles and does like she/he was showed. I won't pass up a good petting! 

White poodle, Carma Poodale, teaches children about dogs
I visit local elementary schools
Allow children to help with caring for animals: Do you feed the birds and squirrels? Let the children help you. Let them fill the feeders or change the water in the bird bath. Let them help out with your cat or your dog. Filling the water or food dish is a easy task to let them do. Show them how to brush your pet and allow them to help. Allow the child to help in the care of the pets. 

Donate to a local shelter: Take used sheets, towels, toys or blankets to your local shelter. If you would like to take new stuff to the shelter , most can always use good quality bleach, washing powders, leashes or collars. Any of these items can be found at your local dollar store. Pick a day to take the supplies when your child can go with you. 

White poodle, Carma Poodale in front of shelter donations
Donations from a class I visited
Volunteer: Shelters always need volunteers. A lot of the time the kitties or dogs have never been around children. As long as your child is not running around, screaming, bouncing off the walls, it will benefit the kitties and dogs to be around children. We always ask the children to sit and let the kitties come to them. You would be surprised at how fast a lap will get full of kitties. :)

Young girl in blue coat holding black and white cat
Boo loves to be held
Use Products That Aren't Tested on Animals:
Do you know how your products you use everyday are made? Are they first tested on animals? You would be surprised at what animals have to endure in order for a product to be able to be used on Humans. 

My friend Lulu from Life with Beagle has wrote a whole segment on this. Please check the list of products that are tested on animals and see if they are in your home. Companies That Test On Animals

There are many ways to be kind to animals of all species. I believe that if you start with children at a young age this prepares them to be better pet parents in the future. Ma and I enjoy going to area schools and daycares and speaking to young children about pet care and I enjoy all the attention I get. 
Sissy Sarah was even taught at a young age how to care for animals. Now she helps care for us and at the humane society we volunteer with. 

Small girl holding baby spaniel
Sissy Sarah age 6 with Jenny Sue age 6 weeks

What do you do to show children how to be kind to animals?
 I would love to know! 


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    1. Thank you! I hope you have a pawtastic Monday!

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