The Journey to Blogpaws 2013

I am back from Tysons Corner , VA where I went to BlogPaws 2013. I have anticipating this for months! This was my first and I certainly hope its not my last because I think, I am addicted to BlogPaws.

The trip to get there was a journey all its own. We get to the airport and ma is looking out to see if she can find the plane. When they started calling for passengers to board , she asked where the plane was. The guy pointed to this....

Ma yelled out "YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Where is my plane?" Well, that was our plane. Ma was chewing chill pills like bubble gum.After we had taken off,  I looked out and seen this....


I wanted what ma had but she said no. So I laid down until we went through  some clouds, that plane started jumping and bumping and I started getting nervous.Ma pulled me up in her lap and that is where I rode the rest of the way.It made me feel much safer knowing she was holding me. 

We got to the next airport in St. Louis where we got on a bigger plane and it was much nicer and smoother ride.  

After we landed ,we caught a taxi and went to our first hotel. Since we waited a little while before deciding to go to Va. early , the host hotel was sold out but the alternate was really nice. We enjoyed a good night sleep before the action began. 

The Residence Inn at Tysons Corner Mall was very clean and the staff was very friendly. They had a nice little fireplace in the entry .After a night time potty break ma sat in one of the comfy chairs while we waited for extra pillows for our room mate. 

The next day we went to the Sheraton ,we checked in to the hotel and in for the conference.We mingled a bit and seen other bloggers we follow and friends we had met at other social conferences. 
Dexter (PR of Fidoseofreality)
Then ma seen him. She has been wanting to kiss these spaniel cheeks for months. She says this face is what changed her mind about coming to Blogpaws. There are a ton of other reasons but she says this was the main reason.
I was ready to learn how to make my blog better, connect with other bloggers and see all the products and companies that were there. I had to bring her along because well, she paid for it all. Dexter walked up to her and kissed her first. She melted with love. 

Then we seen Rocco from To Dog with Love. What a cutie! 8 mths old and so well behaved. He was a joy to be around.

Dexter and Rocco (To Dog With Love )

I spotted Pepper AKA Pepperpom. She is a Service Dog and blogger like me.I was so happy to see her and she acted happy to see me. 

Pepper (from PeppersPaws)
After walking around a bit ma took me out for a potty break. We connected with other bloggers while we were outside also. Ma had her photo taken with a few of our friends.

Pepper's Mom -Angel and my ma who looks like a tourist!

While we were outside and our moms were talking to other people , Pepper and I were acting silly. We were acting like we were twins and whatever one did so did the other..
If she looked right I would look right

If I looked forward , she would look forward

She smiled , I looked sad

She looked serious , I would laugh
It was really fun to hang out with her. Then something else caught her attention. 
2 Pomeranians meeting. Pepperpom and Preston Casanova
Hello, do you come here often? 
We headed inside to socialize some more.I have no idea where sissy Sarah went. She was off mingling and having a grand time.  We met up with Jan Todd who I call Auntie Jan. 

Bunny Allen with Jan Todd at 2013 Blogpaws conference
Mom and Jan (Justice for Pookie)
We seen so many people we knew or knew of. When people hear us say we went to a Pet Blogging Conference they don't understand but when you start naming off some of the blogs they automatically know some and say they follow those blogs. Its like meeting your favorite movie stars! 

Bunny Allen with Lisa Taron at Blogpaws Conference 2013
Ma and Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady
Ma and I love Lisa and follow all of her blogs. There are so many more to tell you about and more photos to share. So for now we will say- 
To Be Continued........


  1. That's so cool that you got to go on a plane!
    Looking forward to hearing more about your time at Blogpaws!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I can't wait to tell all the fun stuff I got to do.

  2. I just LOVED this follow up!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos! So great to see all of your wonderful photos!!! I wish Dakota was brave like you, would love to take him on a plane!

    1. I loved meeting you in pawson! Flying really isn't that bad. Once you take off its like being in a car.

  3. Hi Carma great photos, i can't believe you went on a plane I'm envious.


    1. I do like to fly. I haven't been on any type of transportation that I didn't like. It means I can go somewhere! BOL

  4. Hi Carma! We really like your recap of BlogPaws so far. We just feel in love with Dexter, too!

    1. Thank you. I have a lot to write and photos to share. Loved meeting you in pawson!

  5. Holy crap, that's a tiny plane! I really loved meeting you, Carma!

    1. I loved meeting you in pawson and your chickyums. Hope to see you again!

  6. It was great to see you Carma! It was fun when we played "shadow" BOL!!! I see you caught me checking out PrestonCasanova!

    1. I told ma that once Preston Casanova caught your eye you were like "carma WHO?" tee hee .

  7. Wow, that's one tiny plane. I'd also chew on chill pills the whole ride. One of my friends owns a Cessna, which is a 4 seater plane. He always wants to fly us somewhere in the States for a mini vacay, but I refuse! It looks like you had a wonderful time at BlogPaws, meeting all your doggie friends. Your mom totally looks like a tourist, but it's ok, because that's what she was! :)

    1. If it wouldn't have been so crowded it would have been nice. If your friend offers to take you for a ride you definintely should go. Its scary on take off but once you are in the air its no different than a big plane.
      Go on a ride and share photos with us!

  8. AWWW you looked like you had so much fun. And you got to see Pepper! YAYYY! I'm sorry you had to take on a little plane at first!!! Glad you got to go on a commercial one later! Carma your as cute as ever! Hope y'all learned a lot! :)

  9. Carma,

    I'm so glad you and your momma decided to come to BlogPaws so I could meet you! I love your photos of you and Pepper. I love Pepper but was afraid to get too close because I was afraid he would bark at me. I wish mom had gotten a photo of you and me together! Oh well, we can do it next year or at BarkWorld.

    You're very brave to ride in an airplane!

    We LOVED meeting you and your momma!

    your pal,


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