UltraLite Kitty Litter-Product Review

While at Blogpaws, I received many samples of products in my Swag (free stuff)  bag. But since we got home we have been pet/house sitting or as I call it ,staying at the cabin by the lake. Considering most of my photos are on my camera at home , I thought it was a pawfect time to do a product review. Its a great time to test this product since we don't have kitties but the house we are staying at has many. 

I won a kitty house and a few products in a drawing while at Blogpaws. The UltraLite kitty litter was part of my prize. Ma had just shipped all of our stuff home so we wouldn't have to take it on the flight. We couldn't figure out what do with it because we didn't know if it could be taken on the plane. When we left we decided to give it a try. 

UltraLite Litter 

UltraLite Scoopable kitty litter weighs 60% less than other clumping clay and it says a 5 lb bag is equal to a 14 lb jug of litter and also comes in a 10 pound bag that equals 28 pounds of litter. It has a handle that makes it easier to carry and it is for a multi cat household. 

We put the litter in our carry on bag and we made it through security at the airport with the litter and it was cleared to fly on the plane. That made me very happy. 

We started with a medium size clean , sanitized litter box.When we poured it in it equaled about about 2 inches of litter. Ma was afraid this wouldn't be enough for all the kitties but we went ahead with our test. 

Some of the kitties came to inspect what ma was doing. There was some dust when ma poured it in the box but that quickly settled. The texture is different than the other brand that is already used in this house. They are lightweight granules. 

 We did a side by side comparison. After a few hours we checked out the boxes and we noticed the other box was still clean. The kitties were using the UltraLite box instead. It claims to be soft on the paws and there was minimum litter on their feet when they were coming out of the box. 

 The UltraLite litter was much easier to scoop. There also was not any offensive odors from the waste. It is super absorbent and it really clumps well without over clumping. Instead of a heavy clump the size of a baseball, it was lightweight and about the size of a golf ball. 

The kitties seems to like this litter the best. During our comparison of litters , we have had to add additional litter to the other boxes in other parts of the house but this litter is holding up well. There has been no need to add additional litter even after heavy use! The box beside the UltraLite is still not being used because they prefer this litter. 

This litter has pleased the kitties and pleased my ma, who is the box scooper

Would I recommend this product for a multi-cat household? YES! I will give this litter the " Poodale approved" Stamp. 

For more information about the UltraLite Litter and other types of litter they have available ,visit UltraPet website. 

*I won this product during a drawing. I was not paid to complete this study. I wanted to test the product to let my readers know about it. 

If you have tried UltraLite litter , I would love to know what you thought about it!  


  1. Well, lift our tail and pass the pooper scooper!

    What an interesting story and review!

    Being cats, of course we would find this of great interest. :-D

    Our Daddy want's us to tell you it was nice to meet you!

    He's the guy with ancestors planted somewhere in Elmwood cemetery, and maybe another older cemetery in town, if there is one. :-D

    The death of his paternal Grandfather and a subsequent trial of those responsible was front page news in town in the late 1930's, and has some mystery about it.

    1. We remember you. Don't forget to send names and we will be happy to send you photos of the graves.

  2. Being we are a household of 8 cats, your review has us thinking we need to try this litter. We also want to let you know our human enjoyed meeting you and your Ma. Purrs from the Zee and Zoey gang

    1. We used it in a house that had many more than that and the kitties liked it the best. Ma liked it because it was much lighter to take to the garbage. It would definitely be worth a try.

  3. I'm glad to see this pleased you! When we decided to adopt a cat, we already bought everything(including litter) and set it all up for our cat when we got her home; however, we were surprised when we adopted her and the shelter gave us a free bag of this stuff to take home with us. We ran out of the litter we bought, and I have been hesitant to use the large bag we were given for free! Hopefully my kitty enjoys this stuff as much as yours do!


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