5 Alternatives To Leaving Your Pet In The Car

It's official, summer is here and so are the high temperatures. To a dog, summer time is supposed to be taking long walks, playing outside and taking the mighty car rides. Those car rides can be great but if you are running errands and you are getting in and out of the car for any amount of time, please remember to use caution. A vehicle can heat up quickly and it can kill us. 
I am a service dog and can be taken anywhere but that does not mean its safe. When the temps get in the high 80's, ma stays home. She does not want me in the car in those temps. If there are errands we need to do , we do them early in the morning or late in the evening. If she needs to run into the corner store for a item , she leaves the air conditioning running for me. This isn't safe if you are planning on shopping for a while. This is a good way to get your car, your dog or both stolen plus it waste gas. There are times when she will take my human sister with her and leave me at home. I don't like it but I know it's because she cares about me. 
If you insist on taking your dog or your dog is like my fur siblings and me and strive to be a go go gang, there are things you can do to make sure the trip is fun and safe. These are infographics from Petfinder.com. They adopted my blog and while at Blogpaws I along with 9 other bloggers had lunch with Petfinder. We received a $200. gift card to help with our blogpaws expenses. I used mine to ship my swag home. 

Please remind your friends and family who have pets about the risk of heat and dogs in cars. If you are on a social media platform (Facebook, Twitter etc) and you see someone sharing a photo of a reminder on pet safety, take a moment to share it. 

Summer is supposed to be fun. These are 5 alternatives to leaving your dog in the car. They all look fun to me! Have a safe summer. 



  1. Great Reminder for everyone ... read many sad news last week of dog owners leaving their dogs in the car. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. Such an important message at this time of the year and one that needs to spread over and over again!


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