Dino Egg Dog Toy- Product Review

A while back I applied to be a product tester for Nip and Bones AKA @Babypatches on Twitter. I anxiously awaited to see if I would be chosen to be a tester. Poodles are excellent taste and toy testers. This poodle thinks she is at least. 
I was so excited when a box arrived with my name on it from Nip and Bones. I couldn't wait to open it to see what it was. When I opened the box I seen a big blue egg shaped toy. I appreciated the size since I am a medium/large (44 pound) poodle who has a hard time finding the right toy to play with. I asked ma to measure it so I could give you a idea of the size. She said it was 9". 

This toy makes a crinkle sound and it squeaks. Yes it SQUEAKS! I love squeaking things. It's easy to throw so its great to play fetch. 

It's big enough that I can use it for tug a war yet small enough that my brother Scooby who is a standard chihuahua can play with it too. We kept playing Keep away from each other. It was fun and exciting. 

This toy is sturdy.I chomped it, shook it and through it up in the air. I stomped it and ran around with it to give it a good hardy test. It survived! Even playing tug a war didn't tear it open like most toys made of this material often do. It has sturdy construction. We played for over a hour with it and now it has taken the place of my favorite toy. 

When I really like something a lot I give it a nibble worthy approval. This is how ma knows when something is a hit with me or if its a dud. This toy is definitely Nibble worthy! 

This toy retails for $11.00 and can purchased on Nip and Bones Web store. I really love this toy. I decided it makes a great pillow too. I even take it to bed with me. 

I give this Dino Egg Dog toy a Poodale approved seal. 
You can find Nip and Bones also on Facebook and Twitter

Make sure to go to the store and see what all is offered! 

Nip and Bones LLC

*I was sent this toy to test out as product tester for Nip and Bones for free. I was not paid to give this review nor was I asked to give it a good review. I was asked to give my honest review. 


  1. Nice review Carma...From the video this toy was very nibble-worthy...I loke to bring my favorite toy to bed with me at night so if I wake up I have something to play with and cuddle with too

    1. not many toys make it to be nibble worthy but this one did!

    2. Thank you for this great review Carma! I will probably purchase this for Beau and the puppies based on your nibble worthy review.

  2. Looks at you nibbling your dino egg! MOL

    Thanks for the pawsome review post my furriend. We look forward to seeing what you and your fursib think of our products. *nosetaps*

    1. It is definitely nibble worthy. It has became my favorite toy. Thank you for allowing me to test it!

  3. That giant egg looks like a pawsome toy! Love to squeak and crinkle! BOL! I love tug and fetch too.

    1. It is pawsome. I loved the crinkle but when I heard it squeak I zoomed around the house with happiness. :)


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