Are Your Pets Ready For the 4th?

They have already started. Do you hear them?? 
What am I barking about you ask? 
Those boom booms, those terrifying BOOMS!
Those bright lights in the sky! 

Fireworks are scary for any animal, I don't like them and neither do my fur siblings but we are not terrified of them like some pets. When some pets hear them the 1st thing they want to do is get far far away from the sounds. They don't understand what they are. 

Sure humans love to watch them but even human children can be terrified of them so why wouldn't your pet be too? The sounds have already started so its time to prepare your pets for the 4th of July and the many, many days afterwards. It seems like those sounds go on the whole month of July and sometimes even in to August! 

Keep Your Pet Safe on the Fourth of July

I am a spokes dog for a no kill shelter in Owensboro, Ky and I have seen it first hand of all the animals that people bring in saying they found this pet, heard the phone ringing off the hook from people asking if their pet has been turned in or spotted, read and shared the post of LOST PET on social media. 
Our humane society has already replaced the batteries in our universal microchip scanner and we are ready to scan those animals but first we need help from YOU! You the pawent, yes YOU. Here are some simple ways you can help your fur babies, pets, animals...whatever you call them but let's make the 4th a fun time and not a sad one. 

  1. Microchip your pet- this can be done at your veterinarian or call your local shelter and see if they can do it for you. 
  2. Take lots of photos- If by chance your pet does run out of fear, you have current photos to share. A photo is more likely to get shared than a description. 
  3. Make a ID tag- These can be made at your local pet store for about $6.00 but remember, COLLARS COME OFF- See #1 
  4. Make sure your outdoor pets are secure- Have pets that don't want to be in the house? Yes, I know there are some. Prepare now. Make sure they can't get out of their kennels, the fence is secured (pets will jump it if scared enough) 
  5. If pet are outdoors- Is there a alternate spot they could spend for one night? A well ventilated area such as a garage, basement, the bathroom maybe? 
  6. Prepare your pet now-Don't wait till July 4th to prepare. Start it now, this way if you forget something  you can correct it before its to late. 
Please prepare now. We know the heartbreak of a lost pet. We now think my brudder Zen was stolen instead of running off. We believe someone was on the property when he went to potty , this is why there has been no sightings or leads. 
You don't want to go through the heartbreak, the worry, they "what if's". 
Please prepare your pets now because the worse CAN happen. I hate to think about it but some pets pull out of their collars and run, some have been hit by cars. 

Don't let it happen to your pet. 

My blog and nine others were "Adopted By Petfinder (dot) com" and we are working together to get the word out on how to make this a enjoyable summer and keeping your pets safe. 

My humane society and our local shelters want to make sure your pets stay safe and at home.
If you have lost a pet , please keep in contact with your local shelters. Someone may take the pet to the shelter in hopes to find its owner. 

*I was awarded a $200 gift card and a lunch with the others who won as part of being Adopted by


  1. Keep safe! We have the same problems on Guy Fawkes night (5th Nov)

  2. Hi Carma!
    I nominated you for a Super Sweet Blogger Award and a Versatile Blogger Award. You can read more about them here: !


  3. Excellent tips, Carma! Thanks for spreading the word about pet safety - and great suggestion to think ahead.



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