Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

#Standardpoodle dressed in red, white, and blue colors wearing a red hat.

The sounds in the air have already started. July 4th is a day away and some have already been celebrating for weeks now. These sounds and lights delight humans but are terrifying for animals. 

How would you like to be out camping under the stars when all of a sudden you hear gunshots and see lights coming from the guns itself? Would you be afraid? Would you think your life was in danger? I bet you would. Not knowing where those sounds are coming from would probably having you running for a safe spot but not knowing where to hide would add to your nervousness. 

That is how it feels for pets who don't understand what Independence Day is all about. All a animal hears are those whistles, booms and cracks that sound like a bad storm in the air. For those who are scared of storms this is even more terrifying.  

The fireworks not only affect cats and dogs , it scares wildlife and farm animals too. Last year I witnessed a squirrel get killed at night by a car when it darted out in the road after hearing a huge boom in the air. It was so sad to see it running around in a panic and knowing nothing I could do to calm it down. 

Scooby Doo, my brudder is terrified of fireworks. The meer "let's go potty" from ma gets him to shake because he doesn't want to go out. She has to go out with him and walk him around the yard. He practically crawls the whole time he is out. He potties and runs in the house as fast as he can. It breaks my heart to see him so scared. 

#Chihuahua #ScoobyDoo is scared of #Fireworks
The words "lets go potty" scares Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo is a inside pet but he once lived up the street and was known as the "neighbor dog" because he would run the neighborhood visiting friends. We don't know what his life was like or what he experienced before living with us. We just know that he would spend days with us and no one would come to search for him. Was he left out during the fourth of July to fend for himself? We don't know that answer but we know how scared he is of the night sounds. 

#Chihuahua #Scoobydoo standing rigid because he is scared
He is afraid of what sounds he hears

#Chihuahua #scoobydoo hiding in the covers
He seeks safety under covers 

 My pawents try to calm him by telling him it will be ok. Ma gives him safe places to hide and Storm Soother to help calm him down but its not enough. He is still petrified. Tonight and tomorrow she will give him something that our vet prescribed that is stronger to help him through the nights. We know that there will be many nights of fireworks and it's just not for one night. 

We are grateful that our city has a curfew on fireworks which is 10PM to cease fire but it is midnight on July 4th and other holidays (Under city ordinance fireworks can generally be used between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. and to the extended hour of midnight on July 3 and 4.)there will always be those who break the law. In 2011, the law changed in the state of Ky that used to ban certain fireworks from being sold.Ky Fire Marshal William Swope stated that our state law allows people to buy fireworks such as bottle rockets, Roman Candles and other "in air" types that shoot high in the sky. These are the types that you see when you go to firework shows.  

Photos of #fireworks seen from our backyard


Explosion from fireworks seen in the sky
These are photos that ma took in our backyard. 

Our backyard neighbor buys thousands of dollars worth of these types fireworks. He is the type that will set them off at 3 AM! Sure the lights are pretty but the sounds are window rattling. Even I get afraid of the sounds of the booms. 

 July should be a month of celebrating school breaks, summer nights, swimming, vacations and barbecues. Unfortunately its also a month that is terrifying to animals. 

I hope that everyone has a safe and fun Independence Day. Please use these suggestions to help insure that your pet stays safe. 

Suggestions ...

  • Make sure your pet has their collar/harness on
  • Make sure your pet has a ID tag
  • Make sure ID tag has correct information (Name, phone number and address) 
  • Bring your pet in if they are outside. If you can't bring them in provide a safe place a  well ventilated area like a garage or building
  • Take photos of your pet from all angles. 
  • Write down info such as mole on right thigh, one ear is a lop and other stands up, one blue eye, birthmark on left leg
  • Update any info on Microchip if you have moved or have new phone number since getting chipped. 
  • Take a long walk or have a extra play session before nightfall. A tired dog or cat is less jumpy
  • If you are having a party, make sure guest know to keep eye out for your pet. One opened door may lead to heartbreak. 
  • If you leave to go to watch fireworks, leave radio or TV on to help soothe your pet
  • Do NOT take a pet with you to watch fireworks. Trust me they are not going to enjoy the sights and sounds as much as you do. 
  • If you are out in public with your dog, make sure you have leash around wrist. A sound of a boom is enough to send a dog into a fight or flight mode and they could dart away causing you to lose grip of a leash. 
  • Watch pets around grills. Don't want pet to jump on grill to get food and be severely or even the slightest type burn. Burns are painful.
  • Keep close eye on pet around food. Don't want pet to eat something that will make them sick. Chocolate is a no no
  • Do not lock pets in the car. No this isn't a safer place, it can become a oven and you will only cook your pets brain or worse ,kill them. 
  • Use common sense. If you see your pet is scared, take them to a area and calm them down. 
  • If you have live stock make sure they are in a barn or somewhere safe. These sounds can make a horse ,cow, goat etc jump a fence
  • Please don't drink and drive- Call a friend or a taxi. 

Here are some other tips courtesy of 

5-tips-to-keep-dogs-from-becoming-lost by #Petfinder 
#standardpoodle in sunglasses for the #4thofJuly
From My Family to Yours
Happy Independence Day! 

Share information that you learned here, please.
 Education is the key to a safe holiday season! 

* My blog was adopted by Petfinder in which I, along with 9 other bloggers were given a $200 gift card, a prize of a bowl, magnets and helpful tips to make summer enjoyable and a lunch date. We are all working together to educate on summer safety. 


  1. Very informative post, Carma Poodle! Thank you!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and reading it. I hope you have a pawtastic 4th of July!

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    1. Thank you Sheba. I hope you have a pawtastic day

  3. You're looking very festive in your 4th of July attire, Carma! Thanks for sharing the great info and trying to educate humans about pet safety. Hope you and Scooby Doo and the rest of your family have a happy and safe 4th of July! (and hope your neighbor someday grows out of his firework obsession!)


    1. Thank you Garth. I hope you and your family has a pawtastic 4th of July also.

  4. Happy 4th you guys! Love the outfit Carma. DeDe don't like fireworks either so Jen makes sure she stays home with us on fireworks night.


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